LG G Watch Hands-on Impressions!

LG G Watch Hands-on Impressions!
LG’s Android Wear Smartwatch. More I/O 2014 coverage coming! LG G Watch: https://play.google.com/store/devices/details?id=lg_g_watch_black Props for Lew …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. ZAds Azhad says

    I'm using this and still counting

  2. Poulet Patate says

    is it good in 2018? i dont have a big budget for a watch

  3. Mustang tahiapuhe says

    how to remove this pube on my watch !!! pleas help me

  4. TORQ THE GAMER says

    Speaker was loudly

  5. Christopher Schopper says

    Anyone noticed him saying : ,,it comes at 229" at 2:29

  6. Hitman 554 says

    Apple Watch is so much better XD

  7. DoctorWhoN3RD says

    LG G Watch Giveaway on my Channel!!!

  8. Big Homie says

    Is this LG G watch W100? I wanna buy it but i`m not so sure.. THx

  9. البرنس says

    ساعه جميلة بس ماتدعم الغة العربية

  10. Reece Musson says

    The new firmware for this watch has made it 10x better.

    When I first got it, all I expected it to do was what Marques said… suddenly… a firmware update?

    Maps on my phone, with screen navigation. Controlling of various apps i.e. spotify, google music, plex on my watch… sync Google music directly to the watch and A LOT more watch faces.

    Tis a good purchase.

  11. renez says

    Smart phone, smart watch when will they start making smart people.

  12. Tijuana Sibby says

    Who would purchase this???

  13. Craig McDonald says

    0:44 , anyone know where to get that leather strap (on the right)? Thx!

  14. Viraj Reshamwala says

    Can any one help I am confused whether to go for g watch or headphones what do u think

  15. Cpt STEEZ says

    2160p? Nice! 😀

  16. MattJoe says

    If I don't have a smartphone, will this only be useful for telling time or can it still give me Google Now notifications when connected to WiFi?

  17. Mudassir Kazmi says

    OMG so ugly watch ! 
    SONY SMARTWATCH 3 is still better

  18. Arno Ryser says

    What's with the Asian chick?

  19. Prithiv Palani says

    This Looks like my iPod nano 6th Gen Strapped to a watch

  20. Randy Newman says

    Just bought the white one for 169$ at Bestbuy on sale

  21. Tyler Thomas says

    Will it be better than the I-watch

  22. Abdulrhman eissa says

    Is there Bluetooth in the watch ?????????

  23. Abdulrhman eissa says

    Is there Bluetooth in the watch ?????????

  24. Jurij Fedorov says

    No buy. These black bars around the screen are HUGE.

  25. necbal says

    Ugly, uglier than gear which is not pretty… waiting for moto360

  26. SPARK says

    Pebble sucks compared to other smart watches…

  27. 3x3 says


  28. brandon viera says

    do not buy this watch omg i was waiting for this watch for months and i got one and it sucks sooo bad it always disconnects and has to be reset to reconnect NO AUDIO!! so yes you can swipe to answer the phone but you must get teh phone out of your pocket and hold it to your ear to talk wow a $300 pager!! i could go on for a hour but to keep this short this watch with how it works should have been $79.99 not $239.99 a huge let down from lg and mostly google  

  29. Remco Jacobs says

    Mare, kan je er ook nog tijd op lezen. Krijg het gevoel een beetje dat tijd lezen overbodig is geworden met alle andere dingen die je erop kan. Net als de smartphones tegenwoordig vergeet je haast dat je er ook nog mee kan bellen.

  30. Davieon upshaw says

    is it only for the g3 cause i have an optimums l70

  31. Joe Ellett says

    This is more on the video itself than the subject matter… I really like your moving this one out to the beach. I know that outdoor recording has additional challenges like wind noise, but you've done a great job with lighting, audio quality and everything. I hope to see more like this.

  32. COMBO says

    You're doing it wrong. How many times do i have to repeat myself… you're wearing the watch-face on the wrong side of your wrist, it's meant to be worn on the under side of the wrist. Makes it look more classy, and elegant especially when you raise your wrist to look at the display… people will envy your actions.

  33. Ramiro Rincon says

    what's the difference between this watches and the Galaxy Gear 2?

  34. TYLRbass says

    hey what is up guys

  35. Tyler Kipp says

    Moto 360 looks much better imo

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