LG G8X Proves Foldables are Coming!

LG G8X Proves Foldables are Coming!
Folding phones are incoming. Believe it! Thanks to LastPass for sponsoring a portion of this video. Click here to start using LastPass: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Anzar Zahid says

    Finally LastPass paid him enough to make it in his vid 😂

  2. Max Jacobi says

    – …just to see the logo? It's kinda lame…
    Apple triggered

  3. XxLaVa-ManxX says

    Cant wait for jerryrig to his hands on this one

  4. Monty Mohanty says

    Ahmmm …. Pixel🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. Adam Harris says

    I would use the shit out of a gaming phone

  6. Abid Ali says

    what if lastpass gets compromised?

  7. Mainak Majumder says

    Make a video on realme X2 pro

  8. Ossama Arvayani says

    There is people buying galaxy fold

  9. rope says

    It really doesn’t.

  10. Siim Kuusik says

    Is Marques hungry for some Cheerios? 🔅4:09

  11. Pepeng Jelek says

    4:48 is that a jojo censor reference

  12. Carlos OjX says

    “ Using the same display panel for both the phone , and the case”

    Stomach … “bbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr “


  13. Osborne Cox says

    That's what I call thinking out of the box/phone

  14. Shantanu Kulkarni says

    No one-
    Smartphone companies- FOLDABLE PHONES!!!!

  15. Scotty Zepplin says

    Remember when samsung was ahead of its time and everyone was calling their note series gimmicky phablets because they were bigger than an iphone yet ironically today iphones are larger than those phablets?
    So people always cry over milk they are drink anyways.

  16. AMD says

    Someone send me link for the apple watch band mkbhd is wearing please, i can only find it in white n black but not pure white in the sports look that has holes

  17. Arjun Muraly says

    Gotta respect their innovation. They could have copied any of the others but chose to go their own route

  18. Eth Nick says


  19. Atomic NINJA says

    The skeleton with mkbhd merch in the background

  20. RedBlackFilms says

    4:10 Can hear his stomach rumble… lol Eat something!

  21. Kris Ramirez says

    Imagine they made it into some kind of updated Nintendo DS🤔 all touch screen no buttons. Patent that right now 🤯

  22. Gusionstin Y. says

    Who needs a controller when you can have this?

    Answer: Console gamers

  23. William Campbell says

    It's like the v50 didn't even exist… Came out months ago and is almost identical.

    -sent from the second screen on my v50

  24. sourav mutneja says

    I think we can’t say Something’s coming
    Apple Release anything(Not an Apple Fan)
    Either Its Notch, No headphone jacks, Fingerprint scanner, (Google drive vs apple icloud) (Ipad vs samsung Tablet)
    Like it or not but that’s the truth

  25. Eth Nick says

    That Microsoft dual screen device is looking more interesting as its release date approaches.

  26. Baconface McGee says

    Reminds me of the Nintendo DS, DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL, 3DS, 3DS XL, and 2DS XL.

  27. nik maknojia says

    I will not support foldable phones until I have options till the very end. I don’t think this is the innovation that I wanted. No one know what’s in the future but as long as we have options no foldable phone in my pocket.

  28. Shlok Patil says

    See how subtly marques put Halloween theme in the background

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