LGBT People Discuss The “Stonewall” Trailer

LGBT People Discuss The “Stonewall” Trailer
To read more about the Stonewall riots: Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos! MUSIC Eddi …

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  1. Erin Hodgson says

    A black butch called Storm threw the first brick.

  2. Jose Martinez says

    I didn't know a Ken doll started the movement!! 🤦🏽‍♂️

  3. Gonzalo Gauna says

    Pretty inaccurate movie.
    The one who throw the first brick was Marsha P. Johnson, and when the real fight begin was when a lesbian resisted and begined yell to the people around.
    There were white boys yes .. but they were nothing like that straight actor .. masculine and good looking.
    They were feminine and sassy white boys.

  4. TJ Barnhart says

    yeah the stonewall riots were mostly orchestrated by trans people of color, and they're the ones who deserve to be celebrated in this film. marsha p johnson, who started the riots, was a black transgender woman

  5. Emo MothaFucka says

    They could have shown more lesbians. I saw 3 lesbians. AND 2 WERE FAKING IT!!! But I liked the movie

  6. Taylor Colonna says

    Why all the hate for white people? 😢

  7. Jakub Graf says

    So what if it's a white male isn't EVERYONE EQUAL or only when that fits your agenda ??? Can't have it both ways they show the guy to show his transition it's a story hello. Who cares what he is it's relatable and the movie is excellent
    U can't have it both ways either everyone's equal and u stop complaining which means u would have nothing to talk about or complain about. Everyone's equal THATS IT. No if and or buts

  8. Jakub Graf says

    Oh pls shut up bitches so stupid

  9. Dante Huerta says


  10. Kay The MilkShake says

    I did a report on this movie recently . I gave every bit of props to Marsha P. Johnson !! Do your research hunty 🙄

  11. Ms AdorableRain says

    I know this video was posted in 2015, and I am just seeing it now..

    I didn't know until today "Stonewall" was a movie, but as an LGBTQI+ activist I can say I learned the true story and not this whitewashing garbage. I love Buzzfeed and the people who work their, especially Jen Ruggirello and Brittany Ashley (even though she was sadly fire), but I feel it would have been better if Buzzfeed didn't release this video. Not many people know the actual Stone wall story with Marsha P., Ms. Major, Sylvia Rivera and many other trans people of color were part of these riots. Yes there were white people, but they were never the leaders in pushing this movement to the forefront. It would be a lot better if the movie was recreated with actual historical representation and not a fictional drama as it is listed. This is history people are tampering with and its kinda sad that people still view Stonewall as white, cis gendered, gay men. Its honestly revolting, but I feel like people at Buzzfeed realized this at a later point.

    Yes, I still love you Buzzfeed. ♥

  12. Matt King says

    Gay people need to don't compare themselves to blacks they're not dealing with the same thing.

  13. Shayna Goins says

    Nope I won't watch something that isn't going to correctly represent the people that were actually there.

  14. They need to stop sugar coating !!! Show the TRUTH

  15. Kelly Anne says

    "The white man was not the hero of stonewall" she said it all right there

  16. F Gievski says

    Whitewash and Trans erasure is all this joke of a movie this is

  17. Christopher Chamberlain says

    Damn I would love if they put an Indian guy or somethin instead but idk

  18. D R says

    gosh people are just stupid! let us rewrite history to make ourselves feel better.

  19. Tony Pincham says

    As someone that has only heard the basics of Stonewall I bought this film on DVD to watch and found it very interesting. What it has made me wanting is to know more about the true events and therefore ordered the DVD Stonewall Uprising documentary. Unfortunately as with all films they are going to change some of the history to make it more appealing BUT what I find strange is that a few people have said there are no people of other ethnicity or even the butch lesbians yet when I watched the film again I saw people of both of these demographics.

  20. Gry 0726 says

    Um I've never heard of this movie before. But I want to watch it

  21. MidnightEkaki says

    why WHY an LGBT movie and you STILL have a white male as the lead… sigh

  22. Chloe Grace says

    I don't think the producers hired him because he's a white cis male, I think they hired him based on his ability to tell a story and to touch people. the lgbtq community (myself included) should be greatful we're getting this kind of exposure. give the man a chance. in the end it's all just a movie anyways.

  23. Mic Is queer says

    okay the thing is, a lot of this is actually very accurate, he's they don't have important people from the history of stonewall but back then they didn't really allow women because men regardless of they're sexuality thought women should be housewives and a lot of the gay population was white then too. at least they're making a movie about it, and just like every movie they can't have everything that happened.

  24. Mainah Gruau says

    Could someone explain to me why they have such a problem with the main character being a cisgender white man ?

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