Life Hacks For Embarrassing Moments That Actually Work

Life Hacks For Embarrassing Moments That Actually Work.

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Life Hacks For Embarrassing Moments That Actually Work. #LifeHacks
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  1. It’s Vanessa Here says

    Azzy: mix it all together”
    Me:aNd YoU kNoW tHaTs iTs ThE bEsT oF bOtH wOrLdS”

  2. Mosammat Jesmin says

    OMG THE GIRL THAT DID THE LIPSTICK THING HAS 2 DIFFERENT KINDS OF EYE!! One is blue and the other is green!! That’s so cool!!

    Like if u read my comment then went straight into the video to cheak what I said🤣

  3. Pica Chujova says

    You try all. This. Pleasśsssssssssssse

  4. choo choo hero says

    Who elsed saw The thumbnail and kinda you know


  5. Psycho_with_the_ slica_slicas. says

    Had anybody else been doing that multi coloured highlighter trick for years?

  6. Stephen louis Lim says

    I tried the blacklight Azzy it works

  7. Riza Cetinkaya says

    You talk to much😂🤣like if you ugry👇😚

  8. Rio devilscut ismydrink says

    I love you sssssssoooooommmk

  9. Paigey Waigey says

    The galaxy sneakers work. They are called tie dye sneakers and I did them. They are cool

  10. i2010mac says

    The dish glove don't work 😩

  11. Sylwia Pawlowski says


  12. Jada Jackson says

    Ahaha the bra one

  13. Sally Torre says


  14. Chevy Maracle says

    I'm a kid and I have a bra and that happens to me

  15. Ana Brooklyn says

    yes i love you

  16. AnimaticArts Kay says

    The market one actually works…just saying peeps

  17. Moonbeam Pusheen says

    grating shoes👠

    Love you❤️😍🥰
    Everybody needs a Azzy in the life❤️❤️

  18. Jody Curry says


  19. imani Forbes says

    The cleaning brush one her face lol

  20. Eloracorn says

    The elastic in the pants is normal in kids pants…

  21. Kameela Atkinson says

    and I love your videos

  22. Kameela Atkinson says


  23. Imelda Aroepa says

    baking soda

  24. Amber Lepri says

    The tolit dose one dose not work i tried it

  25. Princess Grimpola says

    REACREAT THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:3 But u dont need to if u dont want to :3

  26. Sleepy Fox says

    Galaxy shoes for laurenZside

  27. Nika Vintar says

    Are you friend with im sanna and leah ashe?

  28. waterChing Poon says

    The third one actually works

  29. its ur girl Angiebees pierre says

    At 1:09 they have those in most jeans made already in them

  30. YTdaminesansnoob says

    …….. I'm a guy

  31. Subsonic 30 says

    Azzy do you love your videos are 5 minutes crafts videos

  32. Rochell thomas says


  33. mustafa tajelsir says

    If the ' s work just make them and if You just buy them that's wasting money love you 😍😗😙😘😚💚💛💜💓💕💖💘💗💝💞💟👍

  34. Tammy Hetaraka says

    my eyelashes are long

  35. Elizabeth Atherton says

    I tryed the mulitple colored marker and it worked😀👍👍👍 but the pink and blue went away the next day.

  36. Chris Bateman says

    You can get pants with the elastic on it

  37. Daria Turtoi says

    Azzy stop judging

  38. XxDemon_GachaxX says

    Did anyone realize that at 2:39 the girl has diffrent colored eyes?!

  39. Fatima Alhammadi says

    I know this sounds wired but I love washing dishes it’s so much fun and relaxing but my mom doesn’t let me do it but she let’s me do it sometimes

  40. tammy musto says

    7:13 i fell like that is Naz from the norisnuts xD LOL

  41. Berlyn Wycisk says


  42. Aliz Zeaiter says

    Please do it

  43. Zymer Idrizaj says

    In the whole video I was looking at azzys cute facee

    Who else think that she is an angel

  44. Gemma Fieser says

    azzy. I think you can do it.

  45. C00K13 C0RG1 says

    Those strips in the jeans have always been there. She didn't have to break the jeans, just tighten the thingy.

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