Lingerie Throughout History

Lingerie Throughout History
A diverse cast of women models three centuries of western lingerie. You Do You is back: Bigger, Better, Violetier! Buy it now!: Check …

Source As/Is
  1. Nick Moore says

    Dove's marketing campaign couldn't hold a candle to these amazing women. Well done, Buzzfeed, and a huge shoutout to As/Is for sharing a little slice of originality in a world of Hollywood Barbie dolls.

  2. Yo_imabillieeilishfan 123 says

    This whole vid let out my gayness

  3. Anna Ramirez says

    They all look so confident with makes them even more beautiful ❤️🙌

  4. Cynthia GamerLover says

    I like this because it’s showing all different type of bodies and they aren’t afraid to express them selfs

  5. GullieMot says

    Today I can wear anything and nobody would say anything

  6. Theofanw Gn says

    Whoever decided to put Michelle on this video, God bless you.

  7. Sitwat Ahmed says

    Yasss jazzmyne

  8. Tindra says

    throwback to when i watched this video probably twelve times in a row still thinking i wasn't a lesbian

  9. Maddy Martinez says

    I love how they objectify women and then make articals about men objectifying us.

  10. Meghan Smith says

    When Jasmine popped her jacket I was quaking!

  11. Shareen says

    Hi, I‘m gay.

  12. Bangtan says

    1:54 I’m straight but damn she is hot

  13. Spicybeatrix says

    Jazzmyne slayed that 1980’s lingerie 🤧💕

  14. Venus Owona says

    how tf did I end up here

  15. Jadyn Martinez says

    * bisexuality intensifies *

  16. GreekGeekGamer Girl says

    Gay Gasp

  17. Rihan Sotelo says

    Needs some sandwich. I’m salivating.

  18. cutie cutie says

    Victoria's Secret who

  19. Lucia says

    Beautiful vid!!

  20. Black soul Or white says

    My poor gay heart

  21. Bloem de Koning says

    Victoria secret is puted down!

  22. themovieguru says

    why is everyone in this video literally so beautiful??

  23. Nora Nilsson says


  24. Aiya Williams says

    The video is soo inspiring and I love that there is still people of appreciate there own bodies, I lovve you guys so much and you all look gorgeous btw hahahah

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