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  1. Lenka Kurbalija says

    One time shark olmost ate my leg but it just bites it so hard my doctor think it will fall of

  2. stefi patelnia vlog says

    8:37 i had it once but with money 😰🤯

  3. Harsimrat Dhaliwal says

    I have avoided the same disaster as YOU!!!

  4. Fire Iced dragon says

    I have stepped on a nail but i am still alive

  5. Rai Pura Arquero says

    I was going to my friends house and a motorcycle hit me but luckyly I did not die thanks to lord I was a little child

  6. Antonio Paniagua says

    they say is broken but in reality their just cleaning it so they are always cleaning at night that why you cant get an icecream from mcdonalds at night

  7. Gangasta Kissat says

    Same i have Black cat and green eyes

  8. Jasser Ahmad says

    i was just returning home from school then suddenly a car went back fast that made us wreck a car and i was beside the driver without wearing the safety and luckily i didn't fly!!!

  9. Kiddmist 09 says

    I had a black cat but he died or got taken or ran off

  10. Jessica Brideau says

    I had a heart attack when I was 11

  11. ione dahl says
  12. TTG AnDy says

    I love that beat that plays at the end of the videos

  13. Anas Mohiuddin says

    A bike was i was crossing the road while seeing down i just took 1 step ahead a bike came and tore my t shirt……….and….. i cried i cared more about mu shirt

  14. Pamela Jackson says

    A dog bit me in the face and almost got my neck and I could have died.

  15. MKB Gaming says

    It's an escalator

  16. ALS Gacha life says

    5:39 my brother stepped on a needle and it went through his shoe to his foot then he had to go to hospital 😕🙁☹️but he’s ok now

  17. so, my grandmas friend died today from pneumonia and i watched this today. uh

  18. Shaz’s Vidz says

    I might just be dumb but… If a phone stopped a bullet wouldn’t the bullet have not passed through the phone because if it goes through the phone it would not have stopped the bullet yano?u prolly don’t 😂

  19. Løki The Puppy says

    o.m.g i have the same hair style as azzy w o w e r z

  20. Abel Ortega says

    My story is my cousin held me under the water and my other cousin jumped on her and saved my life

  21. once a bear came up my drive way when i was 3

  22. r p says

    My dad is a pilot he crashed and almost died but my dad is strong and even tough it was in a forest he survived

  23. Surreal Gacha says

    I avoided falling down the stairs?

  24. alejandro alejandro says

    When I was 4 I fell down a tree and NEARLY LIKE ——— that much to face planted into a brick and I would’ve cracked my head open in half. I did get injured but I just almost experienced disaster

  25. fawzi wahab says

    I almost got runned over by a car

  26. Adda Ingvarsdóttir says

    My cats like that cat on the stove

  27. Kids Progio says

    Your my number #1 favourite YouTube azzyland😍

  28. asheber8 says

    The nail thing happened to me it pierced my shoes and the nail was touching my foot and the nail was very rusty

  29. Francesca Bonelli says

    This is Stacey

    She has bad luck whenever she cracks open a fortune cookie 🥠…
    1 like=1 fortune cookie with a good message for Stacey

  30. Singing Master says

    my disaster is. . .a tree fell on my house and my sis and dad were inside I was at school

  31. Terror Tyler says

    The nail,one I can feel the Pain LITERALLY I stepped on a plug before

  32. Encouraging RANIAz says

    When I was at a beach the waves got me and I almost died but then my uncle and dad saved me 😀

  33. Twilight Lover says

    My cousin avoided drowning we were at the beach and 2 HUGE waves came over us and she didn’t know how to swim I almost drowned but I was able to swim up and a random guy pulled my 6 year old cousin out of the WATER

  34. Nate Reed says

    I have three cats one all black one orange and one orange gray and black mix

  35. Jason Paradis says

    I almost died from a window

  36. mable dickey says

    yeah i was in a bad car crash with my little sister dad and his gf

  37. Young Artist says

    Azures: “the thought of stepping on a nail…”

    Me when I was 7: steps on nail without realizing it for like 10 minutes

  38. Abigail Garza says

    this video is awesome im weird

  39. Desislava Marchovska says

    Same as me 😄

  40. Madelen Carlberg says

    Why do you have a cut in you ear

  41. Primo Primo says

    I stepped on a nail before

  42. Ferhard Naude says

    A spider bit me 🕷️

  43. Lunarlia Wolfie ツ says

    Don’t quote me on this.
    -Azzy 2019

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