Mac 'N' Cheese Stuffed Squash // Presented by LG USA

Mac 'N' Cheese Stuffed Squash // Presented by LG USA
Put a twist on a holiday favorite dish with the LG ProBake Oven and try this delicious mac ‘n’ cheese stuffed squash.

Source Tasty
  1. The Gaming Cheese says

    Worst mac n cheese recipe ever (a black dude made it)

  2. somebody you know says


  3. Nathan Camp says

    It’s an interesting idea but it seems like the squash is just a holder for the macaroni and cheese and squash and Mac and cheese doesn’t go together unless it’s served seperetly

  4. Lil d3m0n14 says

    The stove circles makes me think their are hairs on my screen

  5. Just Me Uploads says

    Hey Tasty? Please dont use BLaaCk people' hands when making a food video. Theres a feeling that the food is dirty

  6. Elvanance TN says

    I did exactly what i saw. After that wait i dug in and it was awesome. My 5 friends said theirs was burnt. Weird.

  7. Marina Williams says

    Try to stuffed with fried pork,onion and potato than bake it covered with foil, for couple hours it how we cook in Russia

  8. ohhh ok says

    This shit gonna be nasty wtt
    *sees black hands
    Damn never mind this might actually taste good 😂😂

  9. sharnee mcneal says

    Idc! Idc! Black hands or NOT! Ain’t no black persons in America gonna eat Mac and cheese stuffed in squash! It’s a No!

  10. Vinuka KH says


  11. Vilja Tangedal says

    Is John Cena here yet?

  12. apex XD says

    tell me who is gonna go thru all that extra prep to eat squash

  13. Kpop Fangirl says

    What if I’m allergic to cayenne??? Or freaking broke and can’t buy any of the items??

  14. banana milk says

    Wow, I’m going to buy an LG ProBake oven now.

  15. QUÊ DỪA says

    Hello my friend. Yummy. Thank you for sharing

  16. وصفات مع منال says


  17. Krow says

    Can i use a potato instead😑

  18. Ezra H.S. Levemoore says

    Why the fucc do i watch this, in the middle of the night

  19. Labiba Jahan Oishee says

    So squash is small pumpkin!!!??


    I teach fitness

  21. Sharvi Khot says

    I really liked the mac and cheese recipe, does the squash serve the purpose as a decorative item or it actually ads any flavour
    Let me know so i can decide if I wanna buy the squash or not

  22. Satya Sadvik says

    Gordon Ramsey :f*. Ck me!!

  23. Дорама Тв says

    Надо. Было. Фольгой. Закрыть. Я тоже. Запекания. Только. Большую. Тыкву

  24. Zubaida Ahmed says

    I don't know why but those hands are attracting me. 😍😍

  25. dilution Fortnite says

    Tassssssty the bestttttt

  26. J J says

    This is the first poc I’ve seen do these

  27. Zack Chen says

    wow! this honestly looks so good, im so hungry lol

  28. Soofie Arcade says

    Wanna know, am I the only one here who doesn't like Mac and cheese? (I like watching it be made though :p )

  29. Alla Denissova says

    I automatically thought of joana ceddia

  30. Naren Aravindraj says

    I just eat water

  31. Agey Ghazaryan says

    Joana needs to try this!

  32. iiSweetRxse says

    You know ur early when there are comments related to the video.

  33. ashlesha paliwal says

    The audacity of putting my Mac and cheese in a fucking vegetable

  34. Jon De Iconuc says

    Now that is very stuffy and yummy yo

  35. Morgan Fairweather says

    The squash is kinda vibin’ doe.

  36. chef deepak says

    Nice mac n cheese

  37. Genie Boyle says

    Ahh only 30 comments _(*-*)_/

  38. YMCooper says

    ok…. I didn’t know a tech company that makes computers,laptops and furniture cooks food

  39. Mira Chakravarthy says

    Before 1k views anyone?

  40. Acmii On IG says


  41. enthusiastic lavender says


  42. Pendulum Wave says

    Who is watching this in bed 😂😂

  43. 훈이한끼 Hoon's Meal says

    Wow I really want to eat cheese
    I uploaded a video of eating spicy devilfish

  44. MINELAND미네랜드 says

    It looks so good !!! I should try to cook by your recipe 👩🏼‍🍳👩🏼‍🍳

  45. Amelia Burke says

    Something funny

    👇plz like

  46. Steven D says

    The commercials are strong lately.

  47. Kinne The God says

    Why am I not top comment?

  48. keseann anderson says

    a chef with black hands…*wipes tear

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