Making It Big Season 2 Marathon • Tasty

Making It Big Season 2 Marathon • Tasty
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  1. Chen Zhi En says

    I prefer raw salmon

  2. tyayzjah xo says

    1:11:081:11:13 HILARIOUS 😭😂😭😂 I laughed WAYYYYY more than I should have!

  3. Keteara Stevenson says

    Did anybody notice that little kiss jp blew 54:05

  4. Luca Muscat says

    Yas thanks 🙏

  5. Nathalie Gracia says

    Who else watched the whole thing
    (In the night)
    And got hungry

  6. Dorian Foster says

    Giant meat balls sound nasty physical too much cow

  7. •inkychuu• says

    You can't tell me he's not Gordon Ramsay's love child or sum

  8. nikshith shetty says

    You cant touch czn burak guys. Let it go.

  9. Adi Arbiv says

    *Asian guy has never made sushi*
    *makes beautiful large sushi*

  10. Cheerily says

    It’s 12:05 pm.. I’ll be back in three hours to edit this comment


    Omg just realized that the video is almost 2 hour

  12. Charles Wagner says

    This is unnecessary and completely American.

  13. Daniel Ivanyuk says

    season 3 gordon ramsey make it happen

  14. Blaze does Stuff says

    make a giant taco

  15. Jihan Farikha says

    Yay!!! Alvin.

  16. Да Вкусно says

    Thanks 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  17. Phill says

    Yes😈😈😈 sleep well herbert😈😈

  18. Pujaa JK says

    Whoa 1hr video!

  19. vitamin yes says

    you guys really put 13 fucking ad rolls o my god

  20. Joshua Reniel Romualdo says

    i love you alvin

  21. oasisbeyond says

    I want Brad Pitt.

  22. Mr. Presente says

    Alvin is a G.O.A.T

  23. Willa's World says

    if you make a season three of making it big could I be on it that would be so cool 😁😀😄

  24. Erika Schreiber says


  25. Gabriel Martir says


  26. Angela Kaye says

    Kahit maging guest na lang sa inyo oh. Baka naman hahha

  27. Doc Waldo says


  28. Gianna Vitto says


  29. Zeus says

    I WANT SEASON 3!!!!


  30. Cool Tube says

    No season 3?

  31. Asʜ Lᴏᴘᴇᴢ says

    you should make a cakepop

  32. mE 1S fUnNy AnD uR noT :D says

    U should make a big pickle.

  33. Ettiera says

    No no no Alvin, Alvin is the most devious of the three chipmunks!!!
    Oh the irony 😏😏

  34. 3xcho says

    should make food for zach choi so he can talk

  35. Sensi Carter says

    this is what i spend my time on during the weekend

  36. Lauxe says

    Girl walks in
    I'd like to cook for you today said no guy ever

  37. Emelyn Francis says

    红烧狮子头!!!!!!😍😍😍😍MEAT 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  38. AJ Waring says

    I really want sushi now (but i cant eat sea food)

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