Manhattan For One or For A Crowd • Tasty

Manhattan For One or For A Crowd • Tasty
Whether you like to make your Manhattan’s for a crowd or just for yourself they’ll always be delicious Shop the NEW Tasty Merch: …

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  1. Jonathan Sieff says

    Now make a video of how to actually make a Manhattan

  2. TurBro Games says

    Manhattan's are not shaken , start over , we believe in you

  3. Santi12007 says

    (off-topic) If I worked for YouTube, i could delete all of the soul publishing's videos (And impersonators, of course)

  4. JK Abhishek says

    Why am I watching this even though i don't drink

  5. Julia Kim says

    Manhattan ? You mean Those Drinks Are The Life of New York

  6. Keith Shusterman says

    The Manhattan uses Angostura bitters, not orange. It's also a stirred cocktail

  7. Juhyun (Jay) Kim says

    Bruh Tasty got their shit correct no more of this sick 10 minute 5 ads revenue shit just some good wholesome cooking going on

  8. afia hassan says


  9. 크레이지패밀리 says

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  10. 야미뉴스 YummyNews says

    Very nice video👍😎😍

  11. Prod. Solars says

    damn views just took a shit on them… This is youtube not instagram / snapchat… we dont wanna see this style here!

  12. Jazzy Jazz says

    I watched this to help with the view numbers

  13. Johann Hernandez says

    Make a big Francisfres

  14. Yeet says


  15. Jane Potter says


  16. Fall Witch 1 says

    what is the name of this music?

  17. Please my channel subscribe please my dear friends

  18. Ectoplasmic Entity says

    No do not shake a Manhattan!

  19. Michael Matz says

    you should have matt stonie on making it big

  20. MasonDixonAutistic says

    Orange bittters? The hell is this supposed to be?

  21. Zaynu Carrick says

    Tasty: fancy cocktails
    Me an alcoholic: pour a whole bottle of tequila into my mouth till I faint

  22. I dare someone to make and drink these in one day

  23. Ajaiwiwidu Jjjj says

    Manhattan is a place not a drink

  24. Renny whatz says


  25. Rose Mallow says

    I’m not even 21 yet but I just like watching Tasty videos anyway

  26. Sydia Linci says


  27. Reese Drumm says


  28. Richard Chai says

    gay first commment

  29. Isaac Gonzales says


  30. Isabella Gomez says


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