Mashed Potato Donuts • Tasty

Mashed Potato Donuts • Tasty
Why waste your leftover mashed potatoes when you can make these delicious mashed potato donuts instead? Shop the NEW Tasty Merch: …

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  1. Keith arvin Fornasdoro says

    soooo where's the potato? waittt I'm CONFUSE? 😲

  2. Natalie Pierru says

    What is the point of the potato when it doesn’t supplement any of the other ingredients?

  3. Jim Richards says

    mashed potato donut with mash in a quantity so small that it won't affect the flavor or texture or appearance of this otherwise normal donut.

  4. Buchanan Winchester says

    L I E S
    L I E S
    L I E S
    Shame on you, Tasty.

  5. Esha Kumar says

    The guy that said, " I got it, its fried donut" 😂😂😂
    I mean suure 😂😂😂🤣

  6. Karen Bailon says

    whose hand is this? marcus? XD

  7. L says

    Where's the mashed potatoes?
    When did they put it I didn't see it lol

  8. Ashley Meadows says

    What is the point of the potato, it doesn't make the donuts healthy, it didn't make it gluten free, it didn't replace the egg, it is literally just a donut recipe that has potato in it…

  9. MeXi Arx says

    It's pretty common in Indonesia

  10. Selene says


  11. uly abdul jalil says

    Donat kentang cuy 😂

  12. Mariela Flores says

    Lebanese doughnuts have potato in them. Nothing new or innovative.

  13. Fizzy Panda says


  14. Jason Hernandez says

    your banner ads keep covering up essential ingredients. cut it out

  15. Sophie Toon says


  16. Aruna Dhanushkodi says

    We be here in 2019 making MAsHeD PotATo DoNutS, people from the future be like: u SeeN NoTHin YeT….

  17. Brimmy21 says

    I know i'm not the only one who had to go back to the beginning to find the potatoes

  18. Dennis Contino says

    Hi Americans. Italians make their donuts with mashed potatoes. The original name of this dessert is "Zeppole". It is a dessert from the city of Naples. It is usually made for Father's day. I believe that the original recipe calls for more mashed potatos.

    Also, Tasty don't make it sound like you got a "special secret ingredient". Italian grandmothers can teach you two or three things.
    And it would be great if you could point out that it is an Italian dessert and that you guys have not invented it.

  19. Fantastic! Five says

    2:56 I think that's Alvin's voice😕

  20. Afflicted Sim says

    Got to love a video if Rie is in it

  21. Tairi Rodriguez says

    Can you guys make Apple Pie with Donuts?

  22. WideMouth says

    We used to have a local potato donut shop in our town called “Spudnuts.” I’m not going to lie, they were the best donuts I’ve ever had. Too bad the shop closed down a year ago 😢

  23. Loølabunu - says

    Is the potatos in the background to mock us since you didnt put the potstoes in

  24. ur soleil says

    this kind of donut is really famous in my country

  25. Tameem says


  26. sophiwe says

    when you only have leftover mashed potatoes as ingredient

  27. Papyrus The Skeleton says

    I prefer spaghetti

  28. Samkelo Ntombela says

    Nah bro dont lie to me and say this tasty when you know its nasty.

  29. Justin Digiacomo says


  30. Julia Torres says

    First, y'all had a pizza with a crust stuffed with chocolate, now this? Oh I see… Y'all runnin' out of ideas?

  31. Kewl Beans says

    waiting for david seymour to see this…poor kid's gonna narf. lol

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