Meatball Parm Bake

Meatball Parm Bake
Here is what you’ll need! Meatball Parm Bake Servings: 4-5 INGREDIENTS 1 12-inch baguette 2 cups marinara sauce 20 fully cooked meatballs 2 cups …

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  1. Malvina James says

    Love it

  2. VGSH says

    What?! Meet and bread?

  3. Isabella Redblut says

    I'm so confused. First of all there is more mozzarella the Parmesan and it's basically a meatball sub but you eat it with a fork.

  4. Little Joy says

    What with the sexy music

  5. Awesome A says

    Dat music boi

  6. Well nas says

    Tasty is sooo synonym with cheese.

  7. MR.Galaxy 264 says

    i know what im cooking this week

  8. LaPrincese Noir says

    I actually made this with a friend last night and it was BOMB. It has the taste/texture of a pizza and maybe even a lasagna. The bread won't get soggy if you use a good french baguette. I'm a vegetarian so I avoided the meatballs but I wasn't missing anything. I plan on substituting the meat for veggies when I make it for myself.

  9. Draco TheGreat says

    People complaining about fatness and shtuff is hilarious.

  10. Genny V says

    What's the song???

  11. Ethan Cha says

    There's no such thing as too much cheese. If anyone tells you so, you don't need that negativity in your life.

  12. Bogmire42 says

    Just made this last night as a first dinner of 2017, went over very well. The whole party agreed it was good, and we threw extra cheese over it.

  13. otakupuschel 2004 says

    That music tho lolol XD

  14. Yum Secret says

    So cool!

  15. mythirdchannel says

    I really don't understand food with bread in it, but you have fun you!

  16. Je T says

    could you put garlic baguette insted of a normal baguette?

  17. Roonho7 says

    white people use cheese as seasoning

  18. Maria Visoso says


  19. bby born blue says

    Men why y'all complain about everything? Go watch Martha Stewart or something

  20. Anh Minh Nguyen says

    Optional: Turn on What is love

  21. I Love Drawing says

    Next make easy smoothies!!!!🍏🍌🍒🍎🍉🍑🍐

  22. D.H. says

    Tiniest serving ever.

  23. Average602 says

    Let's just throw shit in a pan and bake it. weeeeeeeee

  24. Hoenn says

    That's that "gettin it" music. lol

  25. shaee !!! says

    #I love it 😀

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