Meatless "Meat"balls 4 Ways

Meatless "Meat"balls 4 Ways
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  1. terredee says

    Easy to veganize this by using flax eggs instead of the eggs of chickens (which ARE meat).

  2. Ruth Johnson says

    Look so good!😋. I was wondering why can't they call them "vegballs" instead of "meat"balls? Do that makes sense?

  3. Nova Brilliant says

    Looks great, but I'm allergic to eggs. Can I substitute with flax egg?

  4. shankoff1 says

    I don't understand using vegetarian Parmesan cheese then using 2 eggs. If you want to go vegan then use soaked flax seeds not eggs.

  5. Trae Alan says

    I like how Vegans are always the perfect specimen and holier than thou preaching to people about diets, when 3/4 of the world is Vegan. Get off your high-horses!

  6. Aynura Mamedova says

    what can i use instead of tofu in last one?

  7. Alice Madness says

    How long can you refrigerate them tho?

  8. Nabil Lin says

    If you want to eat meatballs then EAT MEATBALLS , Just dont mock Meatballs by making some grain and veggie mix

  9. KAYÐEE says

    I don't have a food processor, what can I use in place of one ??

  10. cattlelikeclockwork says

    im pretty sure that the second meatball recipe also counts as an americanized falafel

  11. Gabby Cat says

    Who eats all this food

  12. adrian4064 says

    Love the music! Great recipe!

  13. MistahPham_ Pham says

    Noe of Them had eggs

  14. AshaBrandi Earley says

    This looks really good.

  15. SSJ2Pikachu says

    I wonder how many people were like "WTF?!?! VEGETARIAN Parmesan?!?!" at 0:30.

  16. Colette Jennings says

    Amazing!!..Looks delicious..I Will Try This..Can I use any type of bean to make a meatless meatball..Amazing

  17. Dwight Schrute says

    I'm just gonna say it:

    If you do not know what cat barf looks like, go to 1:51.

  18. HappyBird says

    I came here because meat is expensive

  19. nigella4me says

    You vegans are the strangest lot. You don't eat meat, you don't want other people to eat meat because it's "cruel," you don't want animals being killed to eat, but yet you eat "pretend" meat. So if you are REALLY against eating meat and LOVE your plant diet, you shouldn't be pretending to eat meat because then you're "pretending" to eat something from an animal. See how illogical that is? So if you're TRULY into vegan eating, you shouldn't be promoting ANYTHING similar to meat at ALL if you're all into NO MEAT! Might as well make a big cow out of plants and then chop it up to eat. So in reality, you're hypocrites because you're promoting eating "meat" in another form. This is insanity!

  20. Maricruz says

    All of these look delicious, it's a really good alternative for me since I hate the flavor of meat but I love vegetables.

  21. Angie silva says

    they look really good but you did´nt show how to make the sauces

  22. Sindhu bala says

    In India people eat meat but are not like every recipe should have meat.

  23. t rix says

    2:10 what is this sauce?

  24. positive1 says

    If its gonna be meatless why not skip the eggs also. Smh you can do better Tasty.

  25. mean he says

    That first one is Chef John from Food wishes recipe! Cough cough, ripe off, cough cough…..

  26. Natalie Sieme says

    I noticed, that they still call ,,meatballs” even if it doesn’t even contain meat

  27. Sal Cir says

    Cowspiracy is a documentary about how eating meat has a HUGE environmental impact on the planet. It made a ton of sense and really surprised me.

  28. Max says

    All Parmesan is vegetarian

  29. Tatiana Saavedra says

    I tried the mushroom meatballs and they tasted well:))

  30. chinki singhal says

    What can be the substitute for the egg?

  31. Jet Black says

    You didn't explain how you make the sauce

  32. Chili Women says

    I want that

  33. Анна Батулина says

    Are there any difference between vegetarian and classic cheese? Funny 😋

  34. nukestrom says

    Looks yummy. I would add a bit of Asian roasted curry powder (about 1/2 tea spoon) to this.

  35. GamerSky says

    Confused… Doesn't eggs count as meat?

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