Meatless Sliders 5 Ways

Meatless Sliders 5 Ways
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  1. Michelangelo Buonarroti says

    That all looks great. Maybe even better without the buns.

  2. Maya Remiel says

    I was kind of hoping that this would have something different than the usual flavor profiles, but its just a vegetarian version of the usual.

  3. Erin F. says

    Falafel sliders?! Yes please!

  4. LOLbluepastel says

    Are these actually good

  5. moria golden says

    How are they meatless wen they used eggs

  6. Misti King says

    there is veigan which doesn't eat any kind of animal product at all. And five different types of vegetarians. 1. ovotarian can eat eaggs. 2. latotarain can eat dairy products. 3. ovolatotarian can eggs and dairy products. 4. pollotarian can eat chicken And 5. pesotarian can eat fish.

  7. Gavin Hall says

    The song at the beginning mimcs/rips-off The Fratellis – Chelsea Dagger soooo hard

  8. bullseeder says

    >vegan mayo
    30 seconds later

  9. {اردنية} وافتخر says

    Im hangre

  10. Kobe Tran says

    Isnt vegan mayo not supposed to have eggs yet you used eggs?

  11. BawseRaps says

    might as well have said vegan

  12. One sweet Boi says

    God that music is autistic

  13. Jincess S says

    Liquid smoke??!

  14. hünerli kadınlar says


  15. hünerli kadınlar says

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  16. hünerli kadınlar says

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  17. mitali dalal says

    David Seymour!! try this

  18. Elaina says

    why is everything on tasty vegan now

  19. ladyshkspre says

    I'm guessing you won't like these recipes if you don't like beans and chickpeas–fortunately, I do! Now, I just have to figure out how to get my hands on some jackfruit. . .

  20. Emma O says

    David Seymour where u @

  21. Eboni Hanson says

    David Seymour should make these hes been eating to much junk food and sweets lately at least this is healthier. 😂

  22. Jericka Mapula says

    i never realized jackfruits were that rare to find in other countries til i read the comments. we have like jackfruit trees here almost everywhere in my country

  23. Karen Brown says

    But are the dinner rolls vegan? Also, what's the point of using vegan products when you're also using butter or eggs? I guess some vegans might not care about it, but every vegan I've ever known wouldn't think of using dairy or eggs, nor any product containing dairy or eggs.

  24. Mittel Schmoo says

    Ba-ba-ba-da-ba-da-ba-ba-da-dow! Woooah oooh oooh OOOH!

  25. Fabiano Carlos says

    They all look so delicious!

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