Meeting Your Girlfriend's Best Friend

Meeting Your Girlfriend's Best Friend
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  1. Mileven 011 says

    Ok so I have only had 2 boyfriends (rite now I am in a fake realationship😂it's complicated) so anyway my best friend will get super protective over me and those realationships barely lasted a week. Long story short those 2 guys have never approached me again because my the first time she met them she said to them "break her I break you" she didn't actually harm them physically but let's say milk was spilled on them😂 I love this human so much😂😂😂

  2. Nathan Alder says

    This feels like a college humor vid

  3. Ring Neck says

    Sexual non-disclosure agreement !!

    Get her to sign it

  4. Absurd Artist says

    Copying collegehumor

  5. Brooklyn Kennedy says


  6. Cam Buzz says

    I thought I was watching college humor

  7. Heaven Cada says

    dear buzzfeed,

    stop trying to be college humor

    sincerely, everyone

  8. Darth Vader says

    RED FLAGS! They always text gossiping behind your back even you guys are watching tv or chilling out! Yeah about what kind of guy you are and about your family and friends! What she hates you doing! She have to talk to her bestfriend first before you when you and her have to sort it out together! BTW im glad that crazy hoe is out of my life!

  9. Fake Name says

    When I started dating my crush I found out that my best friend is also my bf best friend

  10. sO i aM cOnFuSIoN says

    The dude in the thumbnail looks like Clark from national lampoons vacation

  11. Steve RetiredandCranky says

    What the girls don't know is that I DO KNOW, that to them, I'm just a place holder. It's a good self defense measure to have. The challenge is in hiding my contempt for them, having that knowledge.

  12. Maia Adolphs says

    My best friend is my boyfriend's brother 🙄.

  13. Elivia says

    i thought this was collegehumor

  14. Xiomi Last name says


  15. Kai Zúñiga. says

    My best friend is a guy.

  16. apope06 says

    gfs best friend is hotter. lol great video. best friends of gfs are killers of a relationship.

  17. Jasmine Thai says

    I thought he was gonna cheat on her….

  18. Daniel says

    If your girlfriends BFF knows it all before meeting you you're dating a snake.

  19. fish snack says

    They're copying CollegeHumour

  20. Daniel Suarez says

    both look like bitches

  21. Joshua Ramos says

    When I met my gf best friend she immediately asked if I was treating her right

  22. Maddy E.C says

    his gf looks like Ben McKenzie's wife 🙂

  23. Angela Davidson says

    Come on now, we all just about cried at the end of Toy Story 3.

  24. Invisible_AD says

    Can u do a u meeting ur boyfriends best friend?

  25. Olivia says

    I'm meeting my best friend's boyfriend today

  26. Elizabeth L says

    my best friend met my boyfriend before we started dating and she's already approved him so I'm good 😅

  27. Evangeline says

    The girlfriend is suuuuch a beautiful woman
    I'm dying over there

  28. Anya xoxoxo says

    Did anyone else get really annoyed when he picked at his nails ???

  29. catchmygone r says

    This reminds me of College Humour

  30. I'm just here says

    cringe material

  31. iceland says

    My boyfriend is my best friend so 😂

  32. Zackary N. says

    Wait, do people not go into preplanned social situations with a list of possible conversation topics, and a plan for how to move things forward, along with a pre made list of things not to say?

  33. Molly Breckman says

    who are these people??? I never see them!!

  34. xXYukoTheNekoXx says

    Omg am I that scary? My bff always gets the guy and I wonder if I'm that scary…

  35. Cana Alberona says

    before I watch this.. I must say I will never have a boyfriend because my crush has a crush on my BFF… T~T why does life hate me!?m

  36. TWAIMZ LOVER says

    How many likes can this 💩 get?

  37. joeylondonxo says

    I'm the best friend..

  38. A N A says

    well the video can also be called meeting the sister the only difference is that they don't know that the sister knows everything

  39. Unnecessary Delivery says

    So true it's like make her cry and I already have a shovel to bury you alive no pressure

  40. Gina Sonicstar says

    900th comment: This is hilarious.

  41. Hayley Sunflower says

    This is kind of a rip off of CollegeHumour..

  42. Shir Shoshan says

    i eat my Brothers poop

  43. Shir Shoshan says

    #tots lolz!!!!!!!!

  44. JusticeAcolyte says

    That strand of hair that was out of place was being bothering me so much…

  45. khill444444 says

    Who couldn't stop looking at the butt chin??

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