Meghan Trainor Controlled My Life For A Day

Meghan Trainor Controlled My Life For A Day
I had a spa day with the one and only Meghan Trainor. Special Thanks To: Dry Bar …

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  1. Michelle Browne says

    I just came here after watching a whole bunch of SCP videos, because nothing is less haunted than Meghan Trainor.

  2. Kiley Kincaid says

    OMG why is Meghan the coolest person ever!! I love!! 🌈 💕

  3. caligogreywings says

    I mean, y'all wanna cryotherapy, you can come organize my store's freezer with no jacket…

  4. Meli AT says

    What was the budget for this video?

  5. Chloe Bun says

    Meghan looked so done in the intro

  6. Chloe Lopez says

    I love you Megan Trainor. your so inspiring

  7. Erin M says


  8. Stacey Salgado says

    All about that bass was the 1st son g my little brother heard it is still his favorite song

  9. unicornlover 555 says

    Can anyone tell me what the song in the beginning was please

  10. Noa's UkeTube says

    Omg she’s so pretty

  11. S'phesihle Dlomo says

    I love Meghan so much

  12. StarrIllenitram says

    Forgot about her aahh

  13. Arantxa Delgado says


  14. Kyle and sam mc says

    I wish I met Meghan trainer she is the most amazing singer ever

  15. Rose Greenstone says

    Lol they think Meghan is a celeb.

  16. Candace deuel says

    My school always plays all about the base!! And everyone is just like what is this song?? i am just rocking out and doing EVERY movement to the song!!

  17. BFFBlog101 says

    The look like they are bird's like they've known each other forever

  18. Harmony 320 says

    I love Meghan tranior she is my fave I remember when I first saw her on the news and that night I had a dance party in my room to the CLEAN version of all about that bass (i was in 3rd grade) I really want to see her in concert but I've never gotten the chance. I love what she sings about in in her songs. Love superfan

  19. Amélie Marias says

    10 million subscribers and only 200k views 😂

  20. Richard Zollinger says

    Don't click it……..

    Read More

  21. Lollipop123 says

    i hate when people ask for likes

    like if you agree

  22. Jade And gabby says

    She looked like Demi after her hair got done

  23. Megan Jenson says

    I hate it when people pronounce it MAAgin, my name is Megan and that is my biggest pet peeve.

  24. sucpia • says

    Meghan Trainor looks so different.

  25. Random Stuff says

    I love how she says fiancé 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

  26. Random Stuff says

    Meghan- I feel super high and happy after I get out of here
    Also Meghan- high is not the right word I feel super happy after

    Time 1:30

  27. Grace. B says

    I love how Meghan said vavavoom😂😂

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