Men Say What They Secretly Think About Thigh Gaps

Men Say What They Secretly Think About Thigh Gaps
“I’m imagining all the women I’ve had the privilege of seeing naked… I can’t recall a single thigh gap.” Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos!

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  1. Jan Modaal says

    Why are you asking gay men about female thigh gaps, this is not making any sense.

  2. pradeep samanta says

    That's why I am single

  3. Adam Craig says

    Because it's hot!

  4. Hank Montgomery says

    First I look at her thigh gap,,,no gap I a deal breaker for me

  5. Jade Beaut says

    People dont want a thigh gap nowadays

  6. shawnsarmyx says

    my confidence just did his >>>>>>

  7. HioSSilver1999 says

    Did these guys seem gay to anyone else?

  8. Medea Endor says

    I am Gay myself and my gaydar ringed on every guy in this clip, how can u ask them wether they have ever dated a woman?

  9. 90AlmostFamous says

    Thigh Gaps are great, if you are a chicken

  10. SupahFans Streetwear says

    Waitttt, the Title says "Men" but perhaps you should have interviewed Heterosexual Men 🤔

  11. Victorii UGH says

    Look I was born with a thigh gap and I really want thick thighs 🙁

  12. Eden Eliz says

    I have a thigh gap and I honestly dont know why people obsess about them. I dont get it?

  13. hi i love cheesy macaronis says

    i have a thigh gap but i’m trying to get wider hips because i think it’s so attractive lol :0)

  14. Hazel Booker says

    I was naturally born with a thigh gap and I LOVE IT. 😍😍😌

  15. Jessica Olsvik says

    Hmm I’ve always thought guys were attached to thigh gaps. I’ve wanted one since I was little but everyone just tells me
    “Thick thighs and green eyes”

  16. Muskan Gupta says

    "We look for things that are there and not for things that aren't"

  17. passthepipe1 says

    "Men" LOL.

  18. m¡rapooh says

    Thigh gaps scare tf out of me! XD 😅

    Edit: I'm not being rude I'm just saying how I feel about it. So yeah….😔

  19. Anecia Warner says

    ”I'd have to go back and check ” 😂👏🏼 son…

  20. Mr BlueBug says

    Thigh gap lose vegina
    No gap tight vegina🤙

  21. randomv3iwer says

    Let us be honest. This is a one-sided opinion of beta males from the United States expressing their opinion about something that is a rarity in the US society in general. Living here in Asia, specifically talking to Japan, the thought gap is more of a common body feature with a lot of women.

    So I guess this video is more of a “biased opinion“ of a certain American society’s issue.

  22. Lou 28 says

    I want a thigh gap bit only so that I can wear shorts without my thighs rubbing together

  23. StrawberryAppleCream says

    Woke up in the middle of the night. Thigh gap it is.

  24. Steve Hedrick says

    A woman doesn't get a big gap overnight,. It takes months. Most girls I dated had little gaps but after six months of dating, they had gaps and the longer we dated the bigger there gap got. You will never see a porn star with a little gap, they have huge gaps. Girls with big toys have big gaps. If you see a teenage girl with a big gap she's not a virgin. Why am I the only one that has noticed that gap and how they get them? I love them gaps.

  25. Marcella Alba says

    Why Ryan is so cute??? Aaaaa

  26. Marilyn Tran says

    I don’t really like thigh gaps 😐

  27. WHEEZING B says

    I hate my thigh gap so much lmao .Whenever I wear jeans, my legs look like sticks and that ain’t cute .

  28. Spiqen says

    So having looked into thigh gaps a bit I learned that a thigh gap is the result of your bone and hip placement. Generally you can get it by being at a very low weight to even if it is not inate, but if you are not a person with that bone placement, getting that thin that is required for a person with the bone and hip placement for the thighs to stick together as far as I understood it could mean a health risk. But if you inately have it that is fine to. Just people that do not, should not have to try and get it since it might result in medical complications. <3

  29. Janvi 676 says

    I used to have a thigh gap before it was a thing! But its smaller now! I think a women should have a little thigh gap to assure that you are not overweighing , otherwise it can lead to a deformity called knocked knees that really affect the body posture and efficiency of walking and running!

  30. Awe Struck says

    Imperfections are a blessing. They filter out the undesirable partners, so don't be offended by their lack of character. It only helps you see their flaws sooner, which saves wasting time dating them. We only should focus on being the best person we can be.
    'God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
    Courage to change the things I can,
    And wisdom to know the difference.' by Reinhold Niebuhr

  31. Sarah Ulm says

    tbh I don’t get why people want thigh gaps. I have one and I hate it so much

  32. jasmine budd says

    Honestly man, I just want a thigh gap so my thighs will stop rubbing together and making my legs stick together. Ladies, you know the struggle.

  33. Yuliee Cohen says

    when I was in 4th grade my friend laughed at me 'cause I didn't have a thigh gap

    to be honest I still don't know how it's possible to have one

  34. Triggered Tea says

    Theres so nice! Now i feel better about not haveing a thigh gap 😩😖

  35. mahika kumar says

    These guys are so sweet! Specially the one with a buzz cut omg 😭😭

  36. Erica Kennedy says

    okay but chafing is awful i have to put deodorant on my thighs bc of it but that’s like the only downside tbh

  37. Xx Suga_Kookie xX says

    Do girls with thigh gaps have that problem where their thighs rub together and sweat while walking? Just curious.

  38. Pursuit of Hypiness says

    Tell you what I have a “gap” and my boyfriend ain’t never fkn looked at me like “ooooh yeah that gap is so nice” lmao it really isn’t something to desire- except for the no chafing lol 🤷🏽‍♀️

  39. Elizabeth Peters says

    I’m an athlete and my thighs just naturally don’t grow which is FINE! I agree tho this whole thigh gap trend shouldn’t even be a trend…our body are our bodies and we need to embrace them 💛

  40. Elizabeth Peters says

    Unpopular opinion: ppl that naturally have a thigh gap hate it! At least I do. It’s actually something I’m kinda INSECURE ABOUT considering the fact that now everyone has to be “thick” and all plus having skinny legs apparently makes me “weak”. Why are thighs even such a big deal anyways?!

  41. Kristinka xo says

    Men having opinions on women's bodies disgusts me. Sorry.

  42. germandarling123 says

    I don't have a thigh gap and I don't even want one. I personally find women with thicc thighs (and generally curves) prettier and sexier anyways 🙂

  43. Janine Samji says

    the guy with the black glasses 😍

  44. Daddyio oo says

    Tbh I prefer woman without a thigh gap. Like you look like Spongebob (no hate) but it looks unnatural. But I don’t discriminate :/🤠

  45. Niya π says

    I have a natural thigh gap bc my bones are shaped weird

  46. idekanymore says

    Jokes on you, not only do I not have a thigh gap, but I also dont have nice eyes or a nice smile. Checkmate

  47. kids bodey says

    "all the women I've had the privilege of seeing naked" I can't 😂

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