Men Talk About Sex On The First Date

Men Talk About Sex On The First Date
I guarantee she faked that orgasm. I guarantee it.” Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos! MUSIC Jamdown Licensed …

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  1. shadowhunters says

    I think u should date for at least four months before u sleep with someone too see if u even like them, or not how can u tell after a couple of hours. If they want me they got to work hard for me. Plus if the guy puts out I would just think he’s soo dirty and he’s done it so many times and it would mean nothing I don’t want to be just another number I always want to be the girl that he always killed themselves to be with

  2. Joyce Hookimaw says

    What that last dude said is 💯

  3. Onyx Blue says

    Can we just clone Keith? I think every woman needs a Keith in thier lives.

  4. Megan Amber says

    Why did YouTube random‘s recommend this to me

  5. Eve says

    I want the guy in the white tee

  6. bella p says

    " And hypocrites have no place in the bedroom. "

  7. I just HATE hypocrites.

  8. PurpleGoomy says


  9. Rashmi Singh says

    The more I see Keith, the more I realise how much I like him. <3

  10. ravyn good says


  11. Meme C says

    I think if both parties really want to do it. And have a level of trust then go for it

  12. Lily Garcia says

    I need the guy who gets emotionally attached.

  13. ShadowHawk92 says

    Marriage is just legalize prostitution….un-criminalize prostitution and the world will be a better place….and a lot of people would not be married

  14. Shannon Ryan says

    @0:35 Same dude, not a bad thing. You a sweetie.

  15. Julia Stanley says

    yo… what the guy says in the very last clip is 100% right.

  16. Chelsea Greene says

    Yeah not for me… But I don't care what others do. You do you!

  17. Rebecca says

    I like the guy who gets emotionally attached, that's the kinda guy I want

  18. chempanda says

    Welcome to the 21st century.

  19. Ashley E says

    If ya want to. Go for it.

  20. TORIffic poet says

    Can I get a bf like the guy who gets emotionally attached pls

  21. masoncadepacker says


  22. chel simpson says

    Ok. This seems like a fit comment section to ask. So one girl has came and stayed in my studio apartment for two days total. And I didn’t even touch her. Is this unusual? I’m not a gay or virgin tho

  23. emily jean says

    Lol can I date all the guys from buzzfeed or…. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  24. Thedopestethiopian9 says

    I don't believe any of these dudes are straight first off…

  25. Jeffrey D says

    I never put out on the first date. A broad needs to earn my meat.

  26. Summer Britton says

    "hypocrites have no place in the bedroom"

  27. Ennui83 says

    Why was Chris even in this video? They didn't even show him completing his thought.

  28. Amanda Mason says

    Men- respectable women WILL find you more attractive if you're not doing this. Hence why girls are ogling over the guy in the white shirt and what he said about being emotionally attached. #justsayin

  29. Athanasia Athanasia says

    Well .. .its not good to rush but If you do it you risk a really good relationship. or being found murdered …..

  30. Charlie M.P. says

    0:18 that man summed up my thoughts about this.

  31. Mol Berry says

    "Hypocrites have no place in the bedroom".

  32. LampsArePeopleToo says

    At least they ain't judgmental

  33. Kristine Julia says

    Robin Broadfoot 👅💦

  34. mkg 21 says

    The end was funny

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