Messed up MYSTERY RIDDLES to Test Logic Skills – Azzyland and Gloom

Messed up MYSTERY RIDDLES to Test Logic Skills – Azzyland and Gloom
Messed up MYSTERY RIDDLES to Test Logic Skills – Azzyland and Gloom – 7 Second Riddles: …

Source AzzyLand
  1. Lexie Brown says
  2. Danny says

    9:40 me in 20 years

  3. Sara Heckenlively says

    I’ll never get bored of these collarbs

  4. pro bro says

    why is he the only man 2:43

  5. Jacob Sparks says

    The tattoo what's on the correct arm. Edit:I'm dumb it was on the wrong arm

  6. Aurora Muth says

    My name is aurora

  7. Allison Rutledge says

    Yo Azzy i need more riddles!!!!

  8. ba zar says

    I miss the old azzy

  9. Audrey sienna Crystal says

    I thought she was drank

  10. Brianna banana says

    Is anyone going to talk about the blue guy at 13:11 with a frickin backwards head

  11. Katherine Martindale says

    I don't know if I like it?

  12. Morgan Simonsen says

    Spider Man is friends with all spiders

  13. Frank Veltri says

    More wishes

  14. I Scream says


  15. Ban God says

    Didn’t gloom do the same riddle as gloom and jay

  16. Carmen Morales says


  17. Levi Watfa says

    Spider-Man got it a

  18. Lory’el Warren says

    I thought Dave was a girl

  19. Wolfie pup says

    Wait…. Can't timeboy just like lose cause it says he can travel back in time but it didn't say he could got into da future ( or I am going CRAZY?! )

  20. galaxy turtle says

    I like allllllllll her videos alllll

  21. Emilie Grant says


  22. Liz 30 says

    I would just wish for 4 more wishes

  23. LuvLynx says

    When the spider came up too me I started shaking all the time

  24. carolyn cristofalo says

    the flash/speedboy . can also run to the future

  25. Gacha Amami says


  26. Mia Gomez says


  27. Emma Bardell says

    7:25 I got it right and didnt even watch ahead >:)

  28. Raza Sohail says

    timeboy will win

  29. Jane Calhoun says

    For the first riddle she could've just said: "I wish for the perfect rich man to get my mom some money so she can fix my dad's legs"

  30. Haylee Burk says

    Mack more baby vidos and riddles plz

  31. Alex Tsodikov says

    You said you hate vans I have a van

  32. Andrew Szenasi says

    She wished for infinite wish

  33. Michelle Agyapong says

    M eee

  34. Roxanne Lucas says

    india rio jackson

  35. Did she wish for everybody to get what they 🥺

  36. Costa Korakianitis says

    i still think the abyss is the correct answer for spidey

  37. krystyna grogan says

    i came to comment first i mean

  38. Theater Nerds says

    I was eating hAlloween candy when watching this

  39. Caelem Meehan says


  40. Izzyunicorn says

    Not me

  41. Vanessa Balendra says

    ACTUALLY, many many many people have escaped kidnappers by annoying them and most of the time they don’t have weapons. Only one person has escaped a kidnapper by being nice and managing to get his phone off of him to ‘play games’ and actually text her mum and the police.

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