Messed up MYSTERY RIDDLES to Test Logic Skills – Azzyland and Gloom

Messed up MYSTERY RIDDLES to Test Logic Skills – Azzyland and Gloom
Messed up MYSTERY RIDDLES to Test Logic Skills – Azzyland and Gloom 7 Second Riddles: …

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  1. Betty Portes says

    The pictures in 7 second riddles are gacha life like if u noticed tooo

  2. Ruby Thistlethwaite says

    I plan in the I am going on holiday next year so I will be good or I will tan and I will bet

  3. dog lover says

    Who else noticed the gacha life locker background? ———–>

  4. XxwolfloverxX Potato says

    For the buy that wanted to rent the house there could of been a basement

  5. jayda Rawiri says

    On the dolphin sculpture riddle I knew I saw something on that muscular guys pants

  6. Lynne Banford says

    There is a picture of helga climbing a mountain

  7. SaLoNi says

    Hahha sa if ahe was just allowed to go into her classmates’ houses to investigate hahaha

  8. Ellie H says

    I would pick b because it would break the door

  9. x Jaeđøn x says

    These 7 second riddles really love using Gacha Life backgrounds

  10. Amit Badshah says

    It DoSeNt MaTtEr WhAt YeAr Ur WaTcHiNg ThIs In

  11. Justine Harriott says
  12. Kylah Malik says

    Love u both 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  13. Declan Kerry says

    please can u react to asmr plz i love u

  14. Zakiyah Wollery says


  15. Nex ! says

    You gold digger

  16. Sinon says

    The voice changers sound pretty terrible, Love your videos though.

  17. Phoebe Venn says

    Mu name is Phoebe

  18. Dressing Gown Girl says

    My name is Grace Oswell

  19. Awo Elmi says

    I would pick A because it said it kills animals🤠🤠

  20. Layla _gacha snow1 says

    Did you know you might loose your channel!
    2019 was supposed to be the best year for me I’m graduating primary(yr six)
    So knowing that I might loose my favourite channels is just!
    I don’t wanna!

  21. Kitty GALBRAITH says

    I’m going in a

  22. BokuNogaming says

    At this time it is 3 am spooky hour

  23. Lam Johnny says


  24. Radwan Mazeh says

    why is there a gacha life backround at 11:49 ;-;

  25. Creepypasta says

    I jog in pants

  26. Lunar Gacha world says

    No one:

    Not a soul:

    Every person in 5 Second riddles: Aight' imma almost die

  27. Ada Muo says

    Im not joking

  28. Ada Muo says

    my name is Ivy

  29. Fletcher Roderick says

    Me how do you know that!!!

  30. Agnes Santos says

    Why did she ignore all the words about death?And why'd she change her outro song?!?!?!?!😭😭😭

  31. 伊藤眞裕 says

    My dog just died yesterday…😫😓😭😭

  32. Teagan Saxton says

    A because it kills creatures only like it said

  33. Leggylina Goddess girl says

    Yandere Simulator Yandere Simulator!

  34. Ariel Laing says

    I lovvee you azzzyy so much it would mean the world to me if I got a shoutout

  35. Kimberly Ward says

    It’s Ivy

  36. Dimpal Kokate says

    Worst channel ever

  37. 7 Melon says


  38. Angelique Francis says


  39. Angelique Francis says

    Your making me feel bad I jog in jeans

  40. Chumi says

    Me before the answer came in the 3 door riddle: since you could die in 5 seconds then just hold your breath until your out. People can breath for less then 5 seconds right? (I know some actually cant but)

  41. Viktoria Saskia says

    Love you azzyland and gloom so much i am a big big big fan and i am Estonian

  42. Phoebe Edeline says


    HEY thats my name

  43. BANANA GAMER says
  44. thisladyisavamp0828 says

    The part where Dana was missing it looks like the gacha life background

  45. On 12:01 that background is on gacha life lol

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