Messed up MYSTERY RIDDLES to Test Logic Skills – Azzyland and Gloom

Messed up MYSTERY RIDDLES to Test Logic Skills – Azzyland and Gloom
Messed up MYSTERY RIDDLES to Test Logic Skills – Azzyland and Gloom 7 Second Riddles: …

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  1. sorsa says

    0:20 jennxpenn be like:

  2. Anime Lover Forever says

    18:49 what did he do locked jasmine in a hour glass, watched the bird shove crackers in her dad's mouth.sorry it was funny when I saw it feel kinda bad .no not the point and even almost killed Aladdin

  3. Crazytone Mood says

    We Are Sisters – Azzyland And Gloom

  4. Commander Azzy says

    Not to do anything bad, but my name is Azrael, and my nickname is Azzy. Btw, nice videos, I've made around two videos but they suck, you have a new sub ma'am.

  5. Cirayu says

    Can someone tell me why the riddle people don't know vegetarians don't each fish?

  6. Emma Arellano says

    If you are vegetarian you cant eat a Sunday because it is made out of milk

  7. CFP Sojor says


  8. Joani T says

    There are no volcanos in africa!i have lived here my whole life and i have never seen one

  9. Georgia Hemus says

    It is not called ghost hunters it is called ghost busters

  10. Magda Oosthuizen says

    There is not a bolkano in afrika,afrika is my 4 best friend I life there!

  11. Alexis Dixon says

    i wonder if Azzy will even see this comment….?

  12. Aria Gacha says

    Fact: Old school vampires needs to ask permission to come in

  13. It'z Your Gurl Ivy says

    Soo.. Read my story if you want

    At my grade we where the worst section so we where being observed by the principal in our math time, the math teacher knew we where "dumb" So she said if you know the answer raise your left hand and if you dont know rais your right Hand. 😅

  14. abby snyder says

    you are the BEST. MOST FAVORITED> youtube chanle ever! even better than putipie

  15. My โอตี่ Chanel says


  16. Arshad Abrar says


  17. Arshad Abrar says

    I Love You Azzy best youtuber ever💜💟

  18. Mia Nekic says

    My name is Mia but I would never do that

  19. Lunar Zuk says

    I have to say I’m going back to the gym to see if you can come over tomorrow and have some time tomorrow to come over tomorrow

  20. LollyGamer Allyn says

    I love when you used to cosplay😂😂😂

  21. Anjelique Williams says

    azzy the one about the pizza guy i knew it was a vampire cause there was no phone service so how did he call? buh- BOOSH 😎😎😎😎

  22. Stitch person Gonzalez says

    Plot twist! In The first riddle all of them are ghost because we can’t see their legs!! 😱

  23. Yuliia Shlapak says

    Hey Azzy can you please make a the whole entire video about Zorro?#love your videos and Zorro I love cats

  24. Braden Lipscomb says

    9 0 9 what time is it

  25. Anime BOI says

    17:34 f word in captions somehow

  26. Anime BOI says

    12:43 the p word in captions OwO

  27. Terryn Glass says

    This was published on my birthday

  28. Lyla G says


  29. Nick Thomas says

    Azzy you sould play this game called five nights at Freddy

  30. Reward Godwin says

    Yes Azzy and Gloom. There are active volcanoes in East Africa

  31. Lexie Vitello says

    Mr.Bold says monsters don’t exist

    Could’ve gotten killed by monsters if it weren’t for Azzy and Gloom😏

  32. BENJAMIN Robbins says

    It is night time

  33. Denise Block says


  34. Jackie Hale says

    Ghosted busters

  35. Lucille Bone says

    in the vid at 8:43 it sounds a LOT like the office. Mike and Pam. Hmmmmm, confidence or not.

  36. Katrina Solomon says

    By Ethan

  37. Katrina Solomon says

    Will you marry me ❤️

  38. Katrina Solomon says

    I’m trying to ask you this before JORDI does

  39. Paul Forbes says

    Hey Azzy can you react to woohoo’s 80s vs now

  40. Katrina Solomon says

    I’m down on my knees

  41. Jensen Nairn says

    That vampire entry thing is a buffy the vampire slayer refrance

  42. Katie Sandoz says

    who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Anser is azzy

  43. KH Neal says

    My name is khloe

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