Messed up MYSTERY RIDDLES to Test Logic Skills – Azzyland and Gloom

Messed up MYSTERY RIDDLES to Test Logic Skills – Azzyland and Gloom
Messed up MYSTERY RIDDLES to Test Logic Skills – Azzyland and Gloom HOLIDAY WISH LIST: 7 second riddles: …

Source AzzyLand
  1. AzzyLand says

    To celebrate the holiday season, I wanted to do something special for you guys! Winners will receive every item on their holiday wishlist! All you have to do is tell me what you want most this year for a chance for me to make all of your holiday wishes come true!

  2. Linda Zhu says

    Azzy your so sweet giving people gifts 🎁 your message got me like crying cause it’s so sweet ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ✨✨✨ say something nice about Azzy on this comment because she deserves it ✨✨

  3. xxAlphaJeah xx says

    I'm jeah

  4. Gacha_Potato Life says

    Hello Azzyland i'm a huge fan and it's ok if i don't get what i want for Christmas. because you make me happy and smile everyday. and if my wish is to expensive then you do NOT need to give me it. somebody properly need it more than i do…
    i hope you injoy 3. advent. <3

  5. Gacha Chantel says

    I entered with one gift request, its too expensive, i cant wait if i get it, the gift i want can basically last years, with memories, its $50, but i left a cute little message azzy!💖

  6. Ellisia Catherine says


    Nothing 😇.. all I want is to watch Azzyland all day 😇

  7. Taw Meh says

    I want a trip to the u.s.a for my family plz I don’t get much this Christmas

  8. Sukaina Hussain says

    What's wrong with glooms body

  9. Areti Neokleous says

    What haven’t to gloom’s skin

  10. xxAlphaJeah xx says

    I send something to you and I'm under 18+ 9 years old

  11. Lynne Smit says

    Can I have a laptop for my mom

  12. Bts Jiminlover Forever says

    Azzy Your so kind💕

  13. vsco girl rianna says

    Me: See's thumbnail Oh 7 second riddles! Sure..*Clicks*



    (No offense to Azzyland. She's the best <3 )

  14. Maxine Watkins says

    Cassy what is that stuff on your chest ?

  15. Poppy Willetts says

    hi Azzy I love your videos so much you are so nice and are a great person

  16. Khanak vs Taksh says

    20000 Robux

  17. hera manabat says

    I would love a nintendo switch or a game boy but I live in the philippines and I think the shipping will be expensive so it's ok and I love you Azzy

  18. Rebecca West says

    I want an IPhone 11pro

  19. Elisue Thomas says


  20. Amelie Konarski says

    Azzy and gloom can you be my friend in life and on instagram

  21. ACE RAMOS says

    Thank you azzy for making our holidays special.

  22. Elisue Thomas says

    Please can I have a safe I’ve been waiting for years and also please can I have a hamster I’ve been waiting for actually years and years

  23. carljacob Crave says

    Mac book pro

  24. X-man Krey says

    Ai wanna ps4 pro

  25. Keira Prossor says

    Spy gear

  26. Zatrix says

    10:12 that sounds like james charles

  27. cute deer says

    All I want is to see you btw I'm nine but you need to privately talk detales

  28. Ashleyko xo Koa says

    Nevermind azzy Claus I just want you to be happy for Christmas I don’t want anything I think that we are all retry lucky to have you already

  29. sandi bill says

    His name is march

  30. sandi bill says

    If you found him it means a lot

  31. Peter Toller says

    I ENTERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. sandi bill says

    And the reward is also 50000 bucks

  33. sandi bill says

    I lost my dog yesterday have any of you guys found it

  34. cute deer says

    Please can you give me a first of just seeing you in real life

  35. Nick C says

    I’ve cost of all products before

  36. Iguana Xo says

    Azzy my mum and dad said I can’t

  37. Marina Jaunos says

    my daughter just want some markers because sha wants to became an artist but we cant aford much equipment merry christmas

  38. Dexter Romualdo says

    Why's kassie's skin look like that???

  39. Dom Yeates says

    Azzy can I pls have a drone btw my name is Ruby

  40. Matcha Mochi says

    Person: wakes up “Aaa! I’m driving 100 mph on a bridge and the brakes have broken while the bridge collapse due to an attack by Godzilla!!!

  41. Grzegorz Sendor says

    I want a diament

  42. Milena Vasileva says

    I want lynx

  43. Awee Doron says

    I want to see you azzy because your the best and kind and friendly

  44. Sobia Alam says

    Hey azzu clause i am pressing enter now in the wish list and it is not doing anything😡

  45. star fish says

    We should give you gifts to you can get your PO box out and see if we can send you any gifts because the holidays are about giving and receiving

  46. Kriti Sachdev says

    👋 hi

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