Messed up MYSTERY RIDDLES to Test Logic Skills – Azzyland and Gloom

Messed up MYSTERY RIDDLES to Test Logic Skills – Azzyland and Gloom
Messed up MYSTERY RIDDLES to Test Logic Skills – Azzyland and Gloom 7 Second Riddles: …

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  1. qpppsɾɾ Udjejeǝ says
  2. Jennifer Sammut says

    #Ask Azzy please can you make a vid for your wedding?

  3. Uzma Ali says

    The second is from a game called Brain out

  4. Yikes bigbird says

    Hey Azzy What colors do you think make magenta and cyan?

  5. FriskRoleplay 123 says

    2:00 I watched this on the Christmas break, I'M NOT LYING KASSIE

  6. Yikes bigbird says

    Hi this is me brother's profile. I liked your video

  7. lora ocado says

    But my name is lora

  8. Leighton Colly says

    My sister is called Kacie

  9. Lodoe Lama says

    Nice app

  10. Terra Berry says

    I love the riddles with you two ❤️‼️

  11. Giraffe Man says

    I’m Irish no joke I’m from the Republic of Ireland 🇮🇪

  12. Hani Rathod says

    The 1 million question riddle was like Indian show KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) in english it can be called Who will become Billionaire (almost) because the person who gets all the questions right, they win 7 crore (almost 1 billion because 10 crore are 1 billion) but if you play the 16th question and lose it, you get nothing, but if you skip it, you get the amount of money you erarned from all the other questions (sorry for irritating you).

  13. icecream kitty24 says

    I am from Ireland

  14. Mahmoda Yeasmin says

    I love riddles

  15. Fire .Phoenix says

    Azzy, i love you but, we did Not come from chimps and we are Not animals. read Genesis chapter 1 verses 26 and 27. and we came from the first people on earth, Adam and Eve.

  16. harry potter says

    My bithday is on boxing day (the day after christmas😁😀😊☺😄)

  17. Paulino Mac says

    Black is not a color it is a shade

  18. Alicia Villasenor says

    Some of the riddles are from Brian out try it i love you guys

  19. havena zox says

    Hallow! I just started my YouTube channel and I would very much appreciate if you stopped by! 💖😘;3

  20. ItsGacha Seles :3 says

    I heard that when people say Just one word they get TONS of likes


  21. Noa van Hooren says

    Letsin kitins

  22. Diana’s world says

    My name is Diana lol

  23. ZigZappyZiva UwU says

    Hmmmm are you sure Jerry isn’t Tom from eddsworld?

  24. Skaiste Rutkauskaite says


  25. Marshall family says

    YOU are the smartest animal

  26. Ghazal Hafiz says

    7:41 lol azzy

  27. Sharf Ahmed says

    Can u do a Linkin park reaction pls pls pls!!😄😊😊☺

  28. It’s ya girl Izzy says

    Azzy you need to play start server and make a video about it

  29. Eshika Naik says

    Anyone Indian?

  30. Wrestle Talk TV says

    I love you

  31. tiktok idol says

    I love solving riddles
    I,m your biggest fan :>

  32. diana hernandez says

    The " darkest color" question is from brain out

  33. taslima begum says

    Azzy. I love you so much. I subbed and turned on notifications. Please react to a video on the channel called Draw their life where they drew your life out. they want you to react to it and so do I!
    From Sabeeha

  34. Khaled Bassal says

    Humans are not animals

  35. John Walcott says

    Lol loved it. You and Cassie are so adorable

  36. James Wong HJ says

    Who's a fan of Azzy since 2018

  37. Thea Nadong says

    Can you guys BRAIN OUT its a game where you can be smart 😇😇

  38. 퓨디대도짱 says

    누나둘 대기재밌네ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ포트나이트도 해죳으면 좋겟다누나들 누나둘궁합이 너무잘어울려요

  39. Ariel Mejia says

    For litterily the whole video it’s them interrupts the whole time

  40. Lyssa Lectro says

    Azzy, you’ve got the cutest Little voice.

  41. PZ is always watching says

    We are not animals we are mammals though

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