Messed up MYSTERY RIDDLES to Test Logic Skills – INFINITE & AZZYLAND

Messed up MYSTERY RIDDLES to Test Logic Skills – INFINITE & AZZYLAND
Messed up MYSTERY RIDDLES to Test Logic Skills – INFINITE & AZZYLAND 7 second riddles: INFINITE …

Source AzzyLand
  1. Sajad Hamid says

    Caylus is like what

  2. N8 The gangster says

    Azzy kiria Bridget would be sad ☹️

  3. penandpaper says

    This hair and makeup is great for azzy

  4. Grace Lovegood says

    Mandrakes are the screaming plant 🌱 in Harry Potter

  5. Mohamad Kalakech says

    I love when you do videos with infinite, reaction time and dangmattsmith

  6. Iris W. says

    I love infanet I always watch his scary stuff

  7. Crybaby Martinez says

    Infinite lists was how I found you :3

  8. Kristen Hicks says

    Knock knock
    Who’s there
    Azzy who
    Azzy you can tell she is the best youtuber

  9. Milonde Essy says

    When two talent get together I’m on live new YouTuber here please show me some love

  10. Random Person says

    Why would there be mirrors in a vampire party

  11. Scarlet Unicorn says

    I checked Infinite’s snap and you guys had a party for New Years
    No wonder why you did the video with him!

  12. Flobble 056 says

    How is no one commenting on the secateurs? Sec-a-ters. They're like leaf or plant trimmers. Are they a scottish/British thing? They're like the only thing i know about gardening lmao

  13. Bunbun78 3 says

    Mandrakes are the screaming things in hogwarts

  14. Depression Strikes says

    Azzy.. what you doin with Kiera’s mans???

  15. Karen Friesen says

    mandraks are from Harry Potter!!!

  16. Vibe_n says


  17. Noel Hood says

    The way secateures is pronounced ( SEC-ate-URES)… just saying 🙂

  18. MK Barnhart says

    Please make more music. You are a good singer in my opinion. Anyone who said that you aren't are just jelly. Please!!!!!!! Love 💘you Azzy!!! Your my favorite youtuber!!!!! Gloom is my second

  19. Teddy Calma says


  20. Destiny Webster says

    When mandrakes seems fully grown, their cry is fatal to anyone who hears them so you need to cover your ears if this is anything like Hogwarts. And the young mandrakes just knock you out for several hours.

  21. thunder tiara says

    I have a wand with three skulls

  22. Roblox name: Emperor_Owen123 says

    Subbed to both channels

  23. Andrea Cox says

    Oh yeah I forgot to say… the reason you want mandrakes is because they make a medicine that heals the parilized

  24. Andrea Cox says

    Since I have actually read Harry Potter I have one very very important question… HOW THE HECK DID HE COVER HIS EARS!!!!????as any potterhead would know if you don’t cover your ears you could be parilized

  25. Marcia Reid says

    Anyone can do better than you guys

  26. Mandy Hill says

    The good thing about being a werewolf is that your a big giant dog 🐕!!!!!!!!

  27. Smate one Subliminals says

    Infinite acting different 😂

  28. kaitlynn AwSoMe says


  29. AG Smith says

    Mandrakes are deadly

  30. Billie Fan says

    Yay!!! The squad is forming back 😂

  31. Dulce Ochoa says

    The one who had the baby In the washer Is Dumber

  32. Kim Wesley says

    This channel is not necessarily for kids so just say blood

  33. Annissa Macias says

    Do a video with ur bf

  34. Schleich horse rider 2 says

    Groot the root

  35. Schleich horse rider 2 says


  36. BlackberryWolf TV says

    Logically no one stole them in the first one because none of them had earplugs on 😂

  37. leanjohn thomsen says

    azy land pls check out channel

  38. zheng yi says

    Can you try baldina’s riddles next?

  39. Student Nathan Zacharias says

    i want to be rover reen sorry my spelling

  40. Sparkly Unicorn says

    Hey being a werewolf would be horrible because when you turn into a werewolf you don’t have control over your body and you just dothings

  41. U wouldn't want those plants azzy…..they screech and make you faint

  42. sis and bro says

    I am sooooo surprised Infinite did not say fricken

  43. Lana Okilj says


  44. Nina Glasgow says

    I can’t believe that he didn’t ever say Frick

  45. Javia Clarke says

    Hey azzy. You should do a try not to say wow challenge with infinite

  46. kiara roque says


  47. kiara roque says

    Hi oh my god infinite

  48. Audra Matuska says

    Thank you so much for making me laugh even when i dont want to especially today because this morning my dog died and i was literally crying until i watched your video thank you so much for putting a smile on my face <3

  49. Grace Ortega says

    Why do people say infinite and Azzy are dating THERE NOT it’s azzy and the curly hair

  50. SavageGaming 123 says

    why is infinite so depressed

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