Messed up MYSTERY RIDDLES to Test Survival Skills

Messed up MYSTERY RIDDLES to Test Survival Skills
Messed up MYSTERY RIDDLES to Test Survival Skills – 7 Second Riddles: SUBSCRIBE and …

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  1. lx_ Gacha Caramel _xl says

    10:56 I thought he can boiled the water to make the salt split from the water

  2. Selwyn Jones says

    It depends how big are the scorpions bid one are not deadly

  3. Carys Aschmutat says


  4. Krimsy Jr says

    2:04 take out the key

  5. Isabella Pettinicchio élève says

    not to be rude but snakes are venomous not poisonous they can be but cobras are venomous

  6. Lyric Stewart says

    My IQ is 2,000

  7. Lyric Stewart says


  8. Súper dumb adventures says

    Azzy I really love your videos I always subscribed

  9. Funnehcake Pacheco says

    U go to school when ur 4

  10. Lawy Faruq says

    Just get onto the door get on top of the door and climb

  11. Magdalena Tutka says

    Well about 4:07 they look like siblings

  12. Liam Webb says

    I’m going to call you back

  13. Allie Sinister says

    Cobras are venomous not poisonous. Good rule to follow. IF IT BITES YOU AND YOU DIE ITS VENOMOUS. IF YOU BITE IT AND YOU DIE ITS POISONOUS.

  14. rafaelnzc says

    they go to when there 3!

  15. lamaunt fraser says

    The first people they show is her parents

  16. Naa Bessa Nunoo or says

    #assssssssssssssk azzzzzzzzzzzy

  17. Yasmine Haddad says

    lol 18:11 it looks like azzy has just slapped jordi in the face

  18. crystal laurin says

    Have you been to my baby 👶 is my baby 🍼 today is my birthday 🎂 Craving Mickey

  19. Nikita Stuart says

    Why couldn't Lena and the men do a DNA test? Then they would know who her father is. That would make a bit more sense because they ARE IN A HOSPITAL!

  20. Doctor Life says

    he married them both while drunk obviously

  21. Ria Maria says

    The thing in her hair

  22. Yvonne Baffoe says

    My sis went to school at the age of one

  23. Symphony Edmonds says

    I love you azzy and you and you and your boyfriend friend are so cute together 😙😚😍😘

  24. Kimberley hernandez says

    is dumb

  25. Kimberley hernandez says

    your boyfriend

  26. trainsforever 2019 says

    14:33 it should’ve been the bag of magical winds from the one spongbob episode 👌

  27. Ice says

    It’s called an Oasis

  28. Ivy Mottram says

    I knew the first one because the parents were holding the bow

  29. In de bus on your where not on it girl

  30. Lubcubs Moder says

    Going faster you make weaker turns

  31. Medi_angel 13 says

    The apartment I live in had a backyard that everybody shares

  32. ItzEmma says

    18:13 Jordy: I Am AbOuT tO SnEeZe XD it not funny?….okeh

  33. Jasper van Rijn says

    👚this is you

  34. Christina Russo says

    Hit this if you think that kwebolkop is dumber than azzys best friend

  35. Liz Gallaugher says

    Nice hotel room

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