Messed up MYSTERY RIDDLES to Test Survival Skills

Messed up MYSTERY RIDDLES to Test Survival Skills
Messed up MYSTERY RIDDLES to Test Survival Skills – 7 Second Riddles: SUBSCRIBE and …

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  1. I knew the one when the girl Mary go missing I seen the blood and I say “wait I second Mr. Post man” 😂

  2. Keilee Parker says

    I ask my mom which door she would go through and she said she would go through the window

  3. Ema Kralj Puklavec says

    10:42 chill bro chill

  4. Νόρα Τζερ says

    12:18 there are 5 girls.
    2 of them are pregnant ,
    And there are 3 more.
    The 2 pregnant girls are wearing one a blue dress and the other one a "pink".and at last the angry girl at the left, is wearing a pink dress.
    12:14 now there is one pregnant girl, and the angry girl is wearing the dress of the girl, that se WAS pregnant

  5. Emmanuel Omeike says

    I you as a baby

  6. Tilly mcgarvie says

    Vampire 🧛‍♀️ because they don’t exist

  7. Tilly mcgarvie says


  8. Carla santos lança says

    Btw hi ( by the way) bty

  9. Carla santos lança says

    What is an alibi

  10. Emma Kristine Plougmann Hansen says

    Azzy Im on vacation rn when I saw the video


    Hey I don’t see him as he know my mom my home I my whole family is dead I my baby sister is with me this long to sleep the whole house is on fire everyone the hospital I’m the only one here and your friends houses here and my friends birthday is coming and I don’t want to give her presents and I don’t have money I just heard her all sister are all sister are all sisters bone song to give that to her present and yeah I’ve been Mr. is now sleeping my sister is taking care of her my sister is on her way with me so you

  12. Jonathon Staalesen says

    You are so sxe

  13. Knight War Craft TCG says

    the sound effect look real

  14. Nae Nae Squad says

    Am I the only one who said “ the orange one lookin like subastion “ 😂

  15. Maceo Mobley says

    8:54 it’s a one way road also thermostats

  16. Maceo Mobley says

    6:54 the guy in the middle should be it to bc if he was in a different city he would be in a different police station

  17. Ozzy Izzy says

    Get married please

  18. Adalia Valentin says


  19. Kristen Curley says

    7 second riddles challenged you azzy make a video about that

  20. ITS Wolfey says

    At 12:01 I was screaming IF DOGS ARE HUNGRY THEY WILL NOT BITE YOU!sooo I said door A.

  21. Ronja M. Kilde says


  22. Teyana Bunch says

    The window was open at the restaurant after the light turned back on

  23. Ronja M. Kilde says

    Yoar so crule

  24. Rain The gamer says

    Sub to me if u love azzy if u don’t u don’t love her channel

  25. Amma Twum-Bannor says
  26. zil g says

    But wouldn't the dogs be dead because they would be starving so you would just go straight through the door

  27. Katherine Wright says

    I like your intro azzy 😊😀😁😃

  28. Bad girl Gacha says

    I always get confused how do they know what's behind the door

  29. Margaret Thompson says

    My 3 name is Thompson

  30. Kate Walker says

    The mail man because of that and because of he was at the house so he took her🙄

  31. Keara Allen says

    On the vampire one, vampires never die.

  32. Faith and Friends says

    It wouldn't be Will because he had his knife in his picture and the knife was left in the body

  33. Yeshmo22 says

    When it showed ken with a knife I thought it was the 🤡

  34. Animal Girl says

    11:46 just yeet the garlic 😂

  35. Héctor casillas says

    That funny and my name is Lailani

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