Microwave Breakfast Ideas For People Who Are Always Running Late • Tasty

Microwave Breakfast Ideas For People Who Are Always Running Late • Tasty
In a rush? Don’t miss out on breakfast, throw any of these recipes in the microwave and you’ll have breakfast in a flash! Shop the NEW Tasty Merch: …

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  1. Kanna likes Crepe says

    I grab a fruit, throw it in my backpack and eat it on the bus. That's how late i'm always running!

  2. Wanye's World says

    People who eat microwaved eggs are another species… y’all don’t care about yo life tbh

  3. loves cookingfever says

    Happy New Year 2020 Tasty….!!!

  4. TIGER T says

    2020 anyone?

  5. A Cat says

    Last time!

    Who’s watching in 2019??

  6. Abramović Sta says

    I was saying that’s a nice ideas but then I realised I don’t have a microwave.

  7. Vania Vadivelloo says

    Well you have to chop vegetables and other stuff . You are definitely going to be late. Just make some damn cereal 🙄

  8. Gonikko says

    Cook bread microwave

  9. Nikitha says

    Happy New year everybody!!!🎆🎆

  10. Jessica says

    Heads up. Cut a large sweet potato in half and it’ll cook in 5. Or make a bunch of them ahead of time.

  11. 푸드링FoodRing says

    I tried this recipe but why i got so different result?🤣😂

  12. Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov says

    Ever heard of cereal?

  13. Mordy Barnett says

    Tasty: “Recipes For People Always Running Late”

    Also Tasty: “Microwave Sweet Potato For 10 Minutes.”

  14. jeonghoon choi says

    “For people in a rush”
    Puts flavorless scallions on everything

  15. inkasrain says

    Slicing the avocado would take longer than microwaving the egg.

  16. faceclutch says

    For people who want cancer.

  17. Jack Jones says

    0:25 Thirty seconds for an egg. Then magically pull a toasted muffin, tomato slice, lettuce sprigs, and avocado wedges out of your ass?

  18. Ima KeepItReal says

    I can barely make it to work on time making a pb&j.

  19. Adrienne RB says

    French toast mug spoke to me

  20. cc chenell says

    Happy new year🎉🎉💖

  21. Jade Mobley says

    The last time I can say this

    Who’s watching in 2019

  22. Ella Hennings says

    2019 Anyone?! 🥳
    Last day to say this 😂
    Can’t wait for the 2020 comments

  23. Latte Latte says

    Okay, so I have about 30 minutes to get to work, and the ride takes 25 minutes and I don't have lunch or breakfast yet. I go onto this YouTube channel for quick food ideas and what they tell me to do is microwave a sweet potato for 10 damn minutes?

  24. nila phillips says

    to me running late is not even having time to eat, never mind make breakfast.

  25. meika says

    Maybe I’ll need to make this because I’m late to this video

  26. onepunx gaming says

    Subscribe to onepunx gaming

  27. Salt And Pepper says

    Most people dislike these videos because they're hungry and for some reason watching this wich then makes them more hungry


  28. Jason Allen says

    Why would you put an egg in the microwave, which doesn't taste all that good, when you can fry an egg in the same amount of time as it takes to toast the English muffin? It's not like you have to stand at the stove constantly tending it.

  29. Leader O BB8 says

    Where is making it big?

  30. Adam Lewis says

    Idea for people who are always running late :

    Don't eat.

  31. Jane Liget says

    Like the hacks

  32. Kimchi Moo says

    Cooking what a art i yes i rember burning my first turkey..

  33. CM DM says

    I like tasty but cut the crap. Nobody is eating that dry microwave egg sandwich. Stop it!

  34. AngeKerr says

    I’m just here for the memes

  35. army to the core says

    While cutting the tomatoes and the avocados just fry an egg , they taste shity in the microwave

  36. 냠냠보이 YumYumBoy says

    So delicious food

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