Miss Peregrine's Inspired Make-up Tutorial ad

Miss Peregrine's Inspired Make-up Tutorial ad
Hey guys! Today I have a makeup tutorial for you that is perfect for Halloween! This makeup is Inspired by the new Tim Burton movie Miss Peregrine’s home for …

Source Roxxsaurus
  1. Red Mind Films says

    What lens do you use for this video?

  2. ascaredvirgo says


  3. ACE eastwood says

    Very mystical love it !!!!!

  4. Maria christina Pelagio says

    Omg this is amazing talent
    I really love it😍😱

  5. Little Crafty Girl says

    Me looking at thumbnail: that looks like a white or a hallow or something. It's like miss peregrines home for peculiar children or something!
    Reads title: OMG!!!! It is!!!

  6. Sarah Michelle says

    Yassssssssssssss I love this
    I've seen the book and omg yay

  7. poppy robin says

    You're an incredible artist 😍❤️

  8. Betsy Schugar says

    It's funny because there is a character in Miss Peregrine that can see the future… Horace has prophetic dreams

  9. Anna says

    She is so talented

  10. Renske_S says

    I really like the white lashes.

  11. Jazz Lily says

    this is exactly what i want to be this year for halloween!!!

  12. Astha Raval says

    she's so beautiful …….even without makeup 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  13. reem says

    Make a video tour of my room with me and Ike Lake to see

  14. infires man yeah says

    I feel quite comfy while watching your videos, this is the first transformation makeup tutorial in which I am comfy

  15. Dow James says

    this is so good im jealous asf

  16. Lalthla Muanpuii says

    WAAUHHH…i really like the way u look

  17. lujain 84 says


  18. ACE eastwood says

    touch people and that dissapear

  19. Maya Ella says

    wait, you drew that? 😍😍 it's gorgeous!

  20. Eagly says

    You're so amazing omg

  21. Lia says

    This look is seriously so original and creative 😫❤ Love it

  22. Michelle Kwan says

    O this looks good 👌🏻😮

  23. kryptonite301974 says

    My power would be to be able to make a person feel/see what another person/animal is feeling/seeing.

  24. LeahLiviah -ASMR- says

    This is so cutee you're really good @makeup

  25. Cynthia Pullen says

    Any peculiarity involving water is mine.

  26. Nancy says

    You are so good at that . . . I wish I was pickery.

  27. Blue diamond says

    The twins powers

  28. Suraiya Begum says

    Illuminati confirmed!!!!!

  29. Puff Dog says


  30. slave No. 4028 says

    how are you so insanely beautiful? with or without makeup

  31. I would wanna have mind control,similar like enoch's but i can make them do anything i want

  32. Quest K says

    That one kid that projects his dreams kind of tells the future

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