Mixed Berry Crepe Cones

Mixed Berry Crepe Cones
Here is what you’ll need! Mixed Berry Crepe Cones Servings: 4 INGREDIENTS Crepe Batter ½ cup all purpose flour ½ teaspoon salt ½ teaspoon sugar 2 eggs 2 …

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  1. Gulya Swift says


  2. Gulya Swift says


  3. Sabrina Todd says

    Will it kill you to scrape the cup?

  4. Mawaddah Jamaluddin says

    What kind of flour is it?

  5. Lourdes Breitling says

    Ich Die

  6. Ashe says

    Trying to pay attention to the video and all i hear is "check yes juliet are you with me" fuck

  7. Ashe says

    Trying to pay attention to the video and all i hear is "check yes juliet are you with me" fucking ell

  8. RG says

    How dare you flip those crepes with your bare hands oAo

  9. Dani says

    The music kinda sounds like "check yes juliet"

  10. na’ uzumaki says

    La chaîne est super mais si vous montrerez votre visage , le nombre dabonné augmentera plus facilement 😊 (sorry but I'm french and I not speak in English 😅 I'm very sorry 😴; you can use "Google traduction" in internet or a application ) THANKS VERY MUCH FOR THE RECETTE* ❤❤❤

  11. popcorn pretzel says

    that music tho

    check yes juliet are you with me

  12. 55 44 says

    Is this song where my love goes☺️

  13. Hira's Cookshack says

    I would try this one day! Thank you! 👍

  14. Ritvik Kala says

    I've never seen such talent in cooking!Bow down to you! Tasty is the best!😋

  15. tere herrera says

    Tasty to me your the best Im tried evrithing all your recipies and all very well im your fan and thank you soooo much congratulatios …

  16. kristina rodriguez says

    Ok but what is the stuff they put at the end? You can't just leave stuff out Tasty

  17. Anime fan 4lyfe says

    just saying but people who are vegans tend to live longer than disgusting clogged arteries meat eaters

  18. Brandi Hernandez says

    Can I rant about how good crepes look! but I got so disappointed when I tried them and didn't expect them to taste like that so I just keep trying to like them but I don't 😭😐 I can't seem to like them no matter how good they look! I just want to like them!! Is it too hard to ask 😭😭 I guess crepes aren't meant for me

  19. Emmy. says

    The comment section is messed up. You guys are taking the wrong approach.

    Writing separate comments about annoying vegans fills the comment section with you complaints.

    Writing comments about there being no vegan comments in the first place just also fills the comment section with something unnecessary.

    I think the right approach is simply to ignore the vegan comments, and write comments RELEVANT to the video. The only reason some of the vegan comments exist are because of the trolls, seeing and enjoying how much of a response they're getting and you guys are falling for it. If we simply 'flush' away these comments by liking ones relevant to the video then the comments won't be so messed up.

    I'll start: I wonder how Tasty releases these videos everyday. The recipes are almost always unique and quick and easy to prepare.

  20. kittencrazy167 says

    Sometimes in these videos I have all the ingredients, but except for patients.

  21. Aleeshya Shui says

    Thoese holes….. ughhh

  22. Ronin Elenion says

    Ah. This reminds me of the first time I had a crepe. It was a crepe cone and full of ice cream, strawberries, and whipped cream. Delicious.

  23. SHA Amin says


  24. Hamad says


  25. tim says

    Everybody knows how to put strawberry in a crepe…

  26. Mayeoli22 says

    these look so good

  27. San Samman says

    Hoesly stop complaining about vegans complaining you are more annoying wtf !!

  28. Roxanne says

    To all those vegans out there . Raping a cow with a metal pole to impregnate it then when it gives birth kill it's baby then drink the liquid it produces out of its tits is 100% natural

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