Models Try Styling A Snuggie

Models Try Styling A Snuggie
Can these models make a Snuggie look fashion? Special thanks to: Jess Adams (@thejessadams) Twitter @thejessadams …

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  1. Culture Stroke says
  2. B i a n c a S o p h i a says

    Jess reminds me of Kennedy Walsh 😂

  3. Vivian Zhang says

    I dont know why a lot of people are hating on their looks I personally think they both looks great

  4. Dorian says

    1:20 to put things in…?

  5. Amiel Lacuata says

    Honestly, if the snuggies weren’t so bulky, Jess’s look would have worked really well. The studded and metallic accessories along with the leather jacket and plaid pattern on the snuggie looked similar to british punk rock fashion, so I think she did a good job, taking into consideration that snuggies were designed to be comfy, not flattering.

  6. Tiger Pop says

    Nicole sounds like all the Kardashians voices put together with a higher faster pitch.

  7. MrBkawaii says

    What was that mess

  8. Lilly28Anju 02 says

    Links for the snuggies?

  9. LG Hakubi says

    Who filmed this? What producer made the conscious decision to NOT show a full shot of the final looks?? Particularly since one of the hurdles of the challenge was the snuggies LENGTH?

  10. Jessica Ruth says

    Go Jess! I'm not just liking her version because we have the same name, it's because it's a badass snuggly outfit

  11. Tinka Bell says

    Snuggles were originally designed for people in wheelchairs because it's really hard to change coats. It's bizzare how it's been, and gone, as a fad.

  12. Sumare Davis says

    this was a waste of my life

  13. Rachel Kennedy says

    Jess reminds me of Adriana Lima (like a lot)

  14. Bubbles Bubbles says

    I was hoping someone would turn it into an off the shoulder wrap dress with a belt. But it is impossible to style a snuggy lol

  15. Jason D says

    More of this series

  16. Kathleen says


  17. Wittle Kitten says


  18. KT mcgoogle says

    I'd die for snuggies

  19. StaringanimE1 says


  20. Kundai Govereh says


  21. Nguyen Jolie says

    Jess is so funny haha

  22. Vida Hei says

    i like watching all your videos,

    you make such nice videos,

    please help me also i have a lot of fashion videos on my channl plz subcrb to my utube, I make videos evryday

  23. Kate Liang says

    Jess is soooo cool and funny “probably seen a meme about it” 😂 and loveeee the rock look. They both did well on the look!

  24. shiddity says

    This whole thing is so stupid.

  25. Lexi Scott says

    Just turn it into a robe/kimono moment and belt it..

  26. Katy Wellhousen says

    how is jess so cute and relatable while wearing a SNUGGIE

  27. D Harrison says

    I did not know Snuggies dtill existed.

  28. Maya Oliver says

    The amount of sass and sarcasm of this comment section is the best😂😂👌👌

  29. Chittaranjan Sau says

    I Like jesse

  30. Trippy Lex says

    Jess Adams is my aunt ong ❤️🤞🏽

  31. Edna Online says

    not mad at the looks actually

  32. lil zoe says

    but did the internet really need this video???… 🧐🤔

  33. tyshine33 says

    Okay Jess!! I see you, you totally did that!!

  34. Lioness006 says

    The one girl looks like a dark-skinned Jenna Marbles and it is hard to unsee!

  35. Lori A says

    Fun fact: snuggies were originally created for wheelchair users so that it would be easier for them to cover up when cold

  36. Sis Y says

    Weird flex but ok

  37. Gabri Levine says

    We need more of Jess!!! She’s awesome

  38. Eat Pray Blog says

    Omg, Jess should make more videos…I want a snuggle now 😍

  39. Myla Lint says

    You can tell they are running out of video ideas

  40. Sara Fisher says

    “I’ve probably seen a meme about snuggies” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  41. Sara Fisher says

    I think they all look lovely!

  42. Samii Ryan says


  43. lisafayea says

    Jess is awesome !!! More jess !!

  44. babimai says

    65 comments what

    well 66 now but what

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