FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM HERE: What’s up guys!? In today’s video I decided to pick up some bits from the Molly Mae x Pretty …

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  1. J Laurel says

    Lol…”my one arm is still optimistic for summer and the other is baby bring on winter.” That’s hilarious!! 🤣🤣🤣

  2. Queen x Christine says

    I would totally cut those jeans into shorts – tight where the higher slit is. They would be super cute shorts!

  3. Malaischa Frederic says

    I love your videos btw 💕💕

  4. Malaischa Frederic says

    I don’t mean to be one of those to comment under someone else’s video….HOWEVER!! My goal is to build a channel to make people smile. With that being said, subscribe to my YouTube channel “BLASIAN MALA” just started so be kind 🙂💕 (this is my personal channel)

  5. First Timers says

    The blazer dress looks like you borrowed your dad church shirt 😭

  6. Olivia Ehret says

    Were they US or UK sizes?

  7. Ellis says

    I think they just hit her up and said hey we have some cheap spare designs in a back room wanna put your name on them and sell them for hundreds of thousands ……..

  8. Charliizpettite says

    I do like Roxys videos and watch every day but I felt like she was a little harsh on Molly's range, and I also thought all the clothes looked too big for her frame x

  9. Francesca Blasio says

    I feel with a lot of influencer collabs on PLT or misguided now, that the clothes they’re wearing are not what’s getting sold. They look completely different from the influencer wearing it to the website model!

  10. Kimberly Vasquez says

    I don’t understand why you apologize you’re just being honest to your experience and stuff , which is more than most people can say… we need people to be honest with us and plus everyone is different and it’s your money and ours being spent.

  11. varsha singh says

    Pls do review of SSS store ( street style store)

  12. Shanna Hill says

    This video is great. I have laughed so many times! I love you, Roxy and that white shorts playsuit segment is amazing hahahaha.

  13. jiminastya 9503 says

    Do the Sofia Richie x Missguided collab try on video 🙏

  14. Faith Avery says

    Omg these are so bad. If everything was smaller it would look a lot better but. Yikes

  15. LashGo's Hot Wheels says

    Your so pretty please do more pretty little thing video

  16. BAshira .R.h says

    I think most clothes are oversized

  17. rose says

    "bummy" LOL!

  18. Lilster Wild says

    U soooooo need merch ❤️❤️✌🏻

  19. orisings says

    The pink makeup suits you really well 😍

  20. Brenda A says

    can you please do a review of the Stassie x Missguided collab ? or the Sofia Richie x Missguided collab? 💞

  21. Just another Mummy vlog says

    the collab was rubbish

  22. Definitely expectation vs reality collab. This is a perfect representation of how different it looks on the model vs normal ppl lol in my opinion

  23. Bibi Muhamed says

    Can you try saweetie x pretty little thing collab. Maybe its diffrent

  24. Bibi Muhamed says

    I dont like it either. Its a flop. Molly mae just put her name on it thats it

  25. Bibi Muhamed says

    Yeah worst collab ever.

  26. Bibi Muhamed says

    Pretty little thing need to step their game cuz. This is awfull for real. Your shape is just like molly and it doesnt look like the pic. Molly mae should have told them. I think its flop collab

  27. Bibi Muhamed says

    Sorry i think pretty little thing are scamming people the photo is totally different thanks for the review wont be buying it. Have purchased things from them very thin cheap material

  28. Sofía Bianchi says

    You should do a closet tour! I’d love to see that

  29. DerpyDinoDragon says

    Not a good collab…these clothes are horrible. Love ya Roxxi.

  30. Alishia-Leigh Swain says

    The white play suit gives me billie Eilish ‘baggy clothes’ vibes 😬

  31. Harriet Oakley says

    you need a chunky jumper under the first blazer . thats what molly did

  32. Arabellas Life says

    These clothes looked terrible! And that’s no reflection on Roxi! Massive reflection on the designs and quality so poor!

  33. Eliisa Kasemaa says

    Please do saweetie collection too

  34. Lara M says

    they all look HORRIBLE quality omg

  35. Jessica Watson says

    Her collecion is so disappointing

  36. D says

    The jeans and white top looked cute on you but the blazer is a pointless item for you. The jeans fitted you really well.

    The blazer dress looks like a shirt dress, kinda basic.

    I generally do not like faux leather clothing too much because I dont like the look of the material BUT i think the dress looked nice on you and gave you a cute shape.

    The white blazer judo outfit is dead, sorry, just shapeless and nothing to rave about

    The playsuit looks like a painters overalls.

    The beige blazer looks good on you, gives you a good shape and suits you.

  37. Paige Lovezyouu says

    She was very upset about the belt for the jumpsuit if you couldn't tell by the amount of times she mentions the belt😂

  38. Alexis says

    This collab was a fail sorry 😅😅

  39. Alexis says

    The button down blazer dress pulled off the should would probably look cute with a belt of some sorr

  40. Claire Louise says

    The final blazer was my favourite piece!

  41. S.B. Robertson says

    use a belt and a fun brooch with the tan dress

  42. Sienna May says

    I honestly don't understand PLT, the money they charge doesn't correspond to the quality of the items. For 30 – 35 GBP you can buy better quality items on the high street. I'm shocked at how thin the blazer is. They shouldn't charge that price.

  43. Eve Robertson says

    I’m absolutely creased at this

  44. hey bye says

    I Love molly❤️

  45. Lilly Cartolano says

    I didn’t like any of the clothes she put on. I usually love her hauls. 👎🏻

  46. Bethan Phillips says


  47. srb9 says

    you always look nice in your clothing hauls but you always put yourself down and say it doesnt suit you but would suit someone else! you should totally be more confident because you do tend to suit most styles of clothes well! X

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