Moto 360 Impressions!

Moto 360 Impressions!
Moto 360 smartwatch hands-on and impressions! LG G Watch Impressions: Video Gear I use: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. William Lucas says

    I've had mine for 3 years and it still works great

  2. Ouroboros Studios says

    This guy is so damn ignorant.

  3. o o says

    marques please reply me!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Juan Fernandez says

    is it water proof?

  5. Poland syndrome bodybuilding says

    I can't stop looking at that thing on your head lol

  6. Nic Stevens says

    It's 150 on Amazon

  7. Ryan Farrell says

    compadable with iphone?

  8. Brenton Henry says

    That watch is raad

  9. AppleTechLikes says

    Apple watch will solve all your problems

  10. Daniel figroero says

    Can this watch be used on the IPhone6?

  11. John Y says

    hey Marques!

    Are you able to listen to music through moto 360 WITHOUT being bluetooth-hooked up to your phone?

    So off-line music parked to your own bluetooth headset, is it possible?

  12. Songlao Sin says

    can u test it to connect with ios?

  13. Breyner Rodriguez says

    I payed $270

  14. 9Tech says

    can anyone tell me if it needs internet connection to answer sms with google now? if it acutally needs, then its not useful at all! 
    Also, is there any other way to text without internet?

  15. Miranj Desai says

    hey I am using note 4.. n I am planning to buy smart watch. so can u tell me which one is better? gear 2 neo or gear s??? plz help me.. I wanna get rid of this great confusion!!

  16. Genocide says

    @Marques Brownlee will it be compatible with iphone ?

  17. Sameer Mourad says

    Can u answer calls with the watch???? It has a speaker so im guessing u can and just talk via speaker mode

  18. Alex G says

    Hey guys, I made an animated watch face with moving machine gears, please tell me what you think 🙂

  19. RE4PER says

    Definitely going to get this and pair it up with my galaxy s5

  20. Sopgubbe says

    Better than the iWatch… oh i mean the Apple watch, ill never get used to that…

  21. DENE SHOGEKE says

    Excellent and professional review as usual I am a faithful follower keep it up buddy 

  22. klaus Campagnoli says

    i got both the black and silver pebble bands on mine. They look great on the watch

  23. katrina dunn says

    "Thanks for watching" haha 😛 

  24. Danieli Pinda says

    When is it coming out?

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