Moto 360 Review!

Moto 360 Review!
Moto 360: Smartwatch of the year, but we’re just getting started. Android Wear Review: Apple Watch face: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. NeseComedy says

    WTF this looked so much better than the 2019 version

  2. Ian Leon says

    watching in 2019. LOL @ R. KELLY watch faces.

  3. Terri Arriaga says

    Can u recieve text message or see who calls?

  4. Eshtiak Ahmed shad says

    Doesnt it support always on display?

  5. allee gammons says

    How does this preform today?

  6. Ryan Butler says

    I would like to use this for normal use and also use it for golf tracking. Do you know how badly this would drain the battery?

  7. Marko Nikolic says

    Hello , why they don't make next generation(3rd gen) !?? 🤔 Thanks in advance if you take a little of your time.

  8. Anup Prabhu says

    Still useing it.

  9. Daryn says

    Moro 360, the original notch

  10. Bryan G. says

    3 and change years later I have a Apple Watch. I really wanted to keep this watch running, but it is no longer updated and because I have an iPhone it disconnects every day and sometimes does not reconnect until I restart the Wear OS app. Right now the real players in the smart watch game are Samsung and Apple.

  11. Jacob Frank says

    I wish we could have this super bezel-less display with new Wear OS watches.

  12. Mario says

    I can’t believe I fell into this back then

  13. AnggaSuryo says

    what MKBHD stand for? i need an explanation here. pleaseee help me out 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  14. Jan Reshad AFG says

    Can u tell me how much is it

  15. Tyler Hanley says

    And then the Apple Watch comes out and blows this brick out of the water.

  16. Duke Blue says

    So nice I bought two

  17. tho nguyen says

    my husband and i have been fishing sine i did not know

  18. tho nguyen says

    held me turn on the moto 360

  19. tho nguyen says

    giup tôi bật nguồn đông hô moto 360

  20. Vishnu Ramesh Maroli says

    the first notch 😮

  21. espee123 says

    Dude you sleep only sleep 5 hours? Must be all that hitting the putie tang. You must be accelerometer anti christ😄😄😘

  22. Vinnan Rao says


  23. Stan says

    it had the notch before the iphone notch

  24. Zack E says

    Can this watch run spotify

  25. Bharti Kindra says

    Does it connect with Motopulse headphones?

  26. merlijn van gils says

    Does it work with ios

  27. Taylan Can Köse says

    Moto 360 or Gear S2 ???

  28. Kaboomerty says

    i got this for free good deal

  29. ryan wilfred says

    2014? holy shit time moves fast.

  30. Imran Ali says

    And what about the apps and can we see or sent pics to it?

  31. joe villalobos says

    Holy Shit you're black!.
    I did not picture that face behind that voice.
    Great review anyways.

  32. Kuri Brown says

    is it okay to buy this watch in 2017 for someone that doesn't really care for smart watch performance

  33. Deovalente Sana says

    can we look a picture in it??

  34. ChrisOnPC says

    Just bought it for 40 usd 😀 ayyyy

  35. says

    can you send me one? please!

  36. Cody Bonner says

    everyone saying they got there's for 60 bucks 😥 it's 180 here in canada

  37. Anonymous Moose says

    I know it is kind of old, but should I buy this Moto 360 or a Pebble 2?

  38. is this cool says

    start a giveaway for this watch please😉

  39. Louis Dalziel says

    what's happened to his right eyebrow

  40. John Wilcox says

    Awesome review. Thank you.

  41. Amber Janssens says

    When sit readily pride purple outer technological.

  42. Rayan B. says

    There only $90 on amazon , so is it worth buying?

  43. Lambros Xenos says

    could you connect it to any android phone

  44. Aryan Tuteja says

    1:56 one plus one phone my mom used it

  45. logan carte says

    you just earned a sub friend.

  46. TECH mallu 369 says

    can i connect it with s6 edge plus.?

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