My Current Easy Everyday Makeup Look

My Current Easy Everyday Makeup Look

Hi, guys since fall is coming I decided to do something I’ve been doing for the past month which is easy to follow, Before doing something new for the fall so I …

My Current Easy Everyday Makeup Look
Source sichenmakeupholic
  1. awkward potatoe says


  2. apple pie says

    step 1: look drop dead gorgeous

    I think I'll stay home

  3. hey there says

    I just wanna learn the makeup but her beauty distracts me so much

  4. Park Jimin-ssi says

    Isn’t that foundation too light though? Like if you sweat or something, the colour will look patchy

  5. menahyl mahmood says

    is it just me or she looks like woosung from rose

  6. Cleo l3 says

    My dumbass thought her eyelids were burning

  7. Sound Of Heaven says

    Have you ever heard of Spiritual Awakening? i know it might sound crazy but i think u're going through a spiritual awakening…

  8. j jen says

    man i hate getting videos like these recommended, i end up buying everything they use and i’m gon do that with her cause dang ㅠㅡㅠ

  9. 光人明かり says

    I feel like you can beat other professional make-up stylists that has been paid highly😂

  10. Miss. Nobody says


  11. Kat says

    This triggers my body dysmorphia

  12. C0RRUPT D3ST1NY says


  13. first name last name says

    u are naturally so pretty though 😭😭no matter how easy makeup tutorial is it’ll never work the same way on me

  14. Equestrian City says

    my empty wallet is crying

  15. Shiki Laito says

    The teachers in our school would literally wait in the JHS entrance carrying tissues to tell students infront of other students with a loud voice to remove their make up, it did happen to me but luckily there wasn't many people around.
    but still, we don't wear a full face tho, we wear like a lip blush and eyebrows, but I understand that they don't allow makeup i just hope they wont go that far to just humiliate students

  16. Peaxhymarie says

    Okay but even her voice is pretty-

  17. Izzy and Missy says

    I would do this makeup if I wasn’t dark :/ cute tho!

  18. Rei Galaxy says

    You look like this EVERYDAY?!?!? Damn it must be nice to walk past you in the streets

  19. Teresa Davis says

    Now i feel 50 shades of ugly haha

  20. says

    She’s a mix of IU and Wendy from red velvet

  21. Kpop multifandom Jikook says

    Omg I love this look!! You look amazing!

  22. Indigo says

    I hate you for being so pretty, im jealous 🙁

  23. • Cinnxmxntyler • says


  24. Honey Lemon says

    What a change tho

  25. Liz says

    I thought this was a painting tutorial

  26. Iman Gotti says

    This tutorial gave me a sneak peek on what heaven looks like

  27. I Hate biology says

    Ok but I need a skin care routine

  28. Rosemary Crawn says

    welp. i’ve officially seen the most gorgeous woman in the world.

  29. Aesthetic. Exe says

    step 1 – be a whole goddess

  30. strxwberry deliight says

    Are you guys stupid? Honestly she TURNS “pretty.” My opinion she’s not that pretty without makeup…she’s just talented! If I were to do that I would end up looking like a weaboo.

  31. I know Karatae says

    Lmao I thought the thumbnail was a really realistic drawing.

  32. Alegria says

    Look at how pretty she is

  33. tickle my pickle says

    0:22 ..was that a cough??

  34. Elisa says

    Wow she makes me want to die

  35. Merf says

    Yes but I DONT HAVE FREAKING PERFECT SKIN so the makeup will look flaky on my shitty skin

  36. Jesus Christ says

    Ok but she has such beautiful lips-

  37. map_of_the _soul says

    And here I am age 20, wrinkles, brown undereyes and acne. Great.

  38. outcast says


  39. Lana Andrade says

    Sister is serving us!!!!

  40. T M says

    That was the longest intro

  41. DaniJimin says

    she is so beautiful what the frick

  42. Zafrin Esha says

    From where did you buy those lashes?!

  43. Zat Zax says

    I'm so sorry. I can't help but feel jealous.

  44. doge person says

    Her bronzer is my concealer

  45. ONU says

    You are so so so so beautifull

  46. xocelle says

    woah she makes me think if lee jong-suk was a girl this was her.

    unbelievably pretty

  47. Raelyn Rainforth says

    Wow you look so different with makeup 😍

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