My Dad HATES My UGLY Girlfriend ! – A TRUE Story Animation

My Dad HATES My UGLY Girlfriend ! – A TRUE Story Animation
Azzyland – My Dad HATES My UGLY Girlfriend ! – A TRUE Story Animation ‍ ‍ SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 ✨ SOCIAL MEDIA …

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  1. Sophie Grace Richardson says

    Azzy: Mum I'm in detention.
    Mum: What? why?
    Azzy: In class my teacher pointed a ruler at me and said at the other end of the ruler is an idiot.
    Mum: And?
    Azzy: I asked which end he was referring to?
    Mum: Thats my girl!
    (Sorry if its a little wrong)

  2. Line Strazdovska says

    Look do it more plz plz

  3. Adeline Rdm! says

    I like Azzy

  4. Vivian Vivi says

    Did anyone notice that Roberts laptop had a firm:" laptor"

  5. Aaliyah Pereira says

    The bonus story is Justin bieber

    (Edit) I think bc he did lots of love songs at gigs but with different girls

  6. Happy Hopes says

    Ur eyelashes are really distracting..

  7. Nancy Majaim says

    Who say olaf?Like😀


  8. Mihajlo Gladanac says

    His dad is a FU*** BI**

  9. Unruly Zeus says

    All these story’s BS AF

  10. Simon’s Playlist says

    Is it sumer at your place

  11. Mihajlo Gladanac says

    He is acting kind of like a prince on the begining

  12. moon 876 says


  13. Bojan Dimov says

    way ar you awt side!

  14. iain walters says

    Dad :I don't like u
    Azzy:well I don't like you
    Me:go azzy go azzy 😂👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  15. Zain Alkadi says

    I think it's Harry styles idk why

  16. malieene cookie says

    Please say someone noticed the Olaf Elsa was holding on their first date…

    Ok just me

  17. It’s the f2

  18. Charlotte Goodall says

    I love azzy

  19. Poison ivy says

    The pop star is Michael Jackson

  20. Im.anunidenified Alien says

    i can't belive that he yelled at hes; chef for 10 minutes

  21. Naima Abougalil says

    Your eyeliner is everything 😍 love you💓💓

  22. Min Yoongi says

    3:43 that’s so cute🥺

  23. Kween Elise says

    it looks like it’s summer where you are azzy, where are you ?

  24. Top5genaral Beast says

    Hey azzy it's my birthday today can I get a like

  25. mazin stuckey says

    She talks to much

  26. Daddy Gustave says

    I love ur hair and I love ur channel

  27. Soe Miki says

    that wine tho…

  28. OmqItzElla says

    y e e t

  29. Gamerboyplayz 90 says


  30. Magenta Unicorn2009 says

    The "bonus story" the guy was Justine Bieber

  31. Vince De Vree says

    Didn’t expect to get a role in this video 🤣

  32. Summer Villareal says

    evil dad: either u break up with elsa, or i kick u out when u turn 18
    son: oh gosh no
    me: man, just go to college ur fine bro

  33. siew suan dates says

    Aww so sad😭😭😭😭😳 I am sad

  34. Summer Villareal says

    LMAO elsa holding an olaf plush

  35. Dragon Fire 666 says

    9:32 WARNING MEEN VINCE ON THE LOSE and if you did like that like 🙂

  36. Leena Bundhun says

    Nice setup lol

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