My Fall / Autumn Night Routine! 2016

My Fall / Autumn Night Routine! 2016
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  1. Riya's Vlog says


  2. Lois Grace says


  3. beautiful ideas with G and S says

    2018 anyone ?

  4. lolo zaid says

    I Wanna to ask you , you eat rice especially white and you drink cola but you are thin ,, how you keep your weight ???

  5. Imogen Grace says

    Did anyone hear she said morning routine in the intro

  6. bee dooo says

    I love you

  7. sandrah heshima says

    I like your videos 👍💙💜

  8. badass teen says

    Vampire Diaries

  9. Mimi Mom says

    morning routine ????

  10. J Moore says

    Gotta love those lift top tables, no hovering over them and my laptop is a 13 lb. Alienware, a beast. Add a mouse, mouse pad and speakers and external drives. Need a table.

  11. Cute but Psycho says

    U r so sweeeet

  12. Jasmine Mccann says

    You is the best

  13. Sweet Candy Sky says

    Cool Video! I subbed 😊

  14. Jasmine Inglis says

    TVD IS FOR LIFE. I love that show too. Your living room looks amazing. Great video

  15. Grace Mcadam says

    I love these cosy nights

  16. Carolyn Liaw says

    Love the fall colours fashion 💕💕

  17. Catherine Horneff says

    you said my morning routine when its a night routine

  18. Unicorn Lover says

    Who else noticed that she said it was a morning routine 😂😒💕 love u tho roxy

  19. Bakhtawar Khan says

    Hey there girl, do make another one of these video this year as well plz!!!!

  20. stan exo says

    1:16 those were klaroline awww miss vampire diaries…..roxi your video was amazing ….

  21. Kerinafly4 angel says

    Great video.

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