My First YouTube Camera!

My First YouTube Camera!
My first YouTube camera, the VPG-CG10 and how it stacks up today! The 2009 unboxing: Reddit AMA: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. APTECHTV says

    yeah sure start your YT Channel with your phone, it's a pain in the ass if you want some low light footage, or if you want clean background blur, and you are going to need a slider to get smooth camera pans, like leave everything in auto it's just not easy, I've got so much more complaints with the tiny camera that it's in your phone, but my main complain it's that it takes a lot more tries and time to get watchable footage that it's kinda close to a cheap DSLR, and you MKBHD said that it's easy to film on a smartphone cuz you don't have to worries about the settings like the ISO or the colors temp, well I have a problem with that, if you want to clone your self, then you are going to take two different shots in the same lighting and position, and I get it in to FCP, and the color temp and the ISO didn't match, like the first one it's too blue and too dark, and the second one it's too yello and the ISO it's fine for the secend shot, and guess what? The color temp and the ISO changes a lot in that 10-second shot, so I have to keyframe color correction, I locked the settings in the native camera app and it was a super sunning day, it is completely free of clouds at the time I was filming the scene. And another time I have to do a camera slide, and guess what? The phone was way to thin like a camera can stand by itself because it's a box shape, so I made my DIY slider, I took my Surface Pro 4 and it has a kickstand, so I put my mom's phone on it, and my desk was too slippery, so the video goes fast for 1 second and go slow for 1 second, but I still got the shot after 20 attempts, and I start my YT Channel 1.5 years ago, and start editing 0.5 years ago, and I'm still filming on my mom's iPhone 7Plus😂😂😂

  2. Harry J says

    those fake handheld movements of your camera though!!

  3. -Vance- Dun says

    Film the poli… Wait

  4. david francoeur says

    i have that same camera as you and i still use it. i subscribed

  5. DarklingGolem50 says

    Any time changing your name from "MKBHD" to "MKB4K" or "MKBUHD"?

  6. Никита Галичин says

    I have SOny dsc h200, and it's so shity
    sharpnes and quality r not so bad but the stabilize that cannot be "off" just messes everything
    Looking to this lil display filming i think: What a masterpiece omfg
    then uploading it to my pc and everythin fuckin blured and shaky asf!

  7. Dave Tha Brit says

    “What tha WHAAAAAAT!?!…I have the exact camera and only used it once….still have it

  8. Mahnima Khanam says

    My first video was the iPhone 5 and now I use the red epic

  9. Jishnu Ek says

    That little camera movement is good 👍

  10. Lauren C says

    I agree with his sentiment at the end. All that's needed to get started in YouTube is a steady mount for your phone, a few inexpensive lamps (with some cheap 1100 lumen or 75 watt bulbs) and some hard work. Knowing your camera is pretty key here as well, most notably what the camera does well and where it visibly struggles.

    While "professional" video equipment can definitely help with speeding up the workflow and overall flexibility, simply focusing on lighting basics with equipment (shaded lamps, anyone) on hand can go a very long way to squeezing the best quality out of small sensor cameras and making a video a treat to watch.

  11. Abdullah Abdinur says

    What do think of Nikon complex A100.

  12. Clad Fish says


  13. Harin says

    Marques looked green screened

  14. Paleolitikum says

    i like how you encourage another youtuber to start their own youtube channel 😀

  15. Kv Tamil says

    You unbox the product and keep it your self

  16. Lesedi Ramotshela says

    'the only real change come from inside' in the background ♥️

  17. babyhunter says

    why the fuck did you add random ass camera shake?

  18. Genesis Saguban VLOG says

    Nice camera bro.

  19. Social Democrat says

    Why the fuck do you shoot 8K for youtube?

  20. Aneesh says

    This item is not Available In Amazon Now

  21. DarklingGolem50 says

    Video is BAE

  22. Chris Hernando says

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  23. Austin Schutz says

    Ugh this was so sweet : )

  24. Sannesthesia says

    I still love my Sony TG3 that i bought in 2009

  25. Faras Abyan says

    I thought you were unboxing a cheeseburger

  26. Mohammed Khaleduzzaman says

    you inspire me so much <3

  27. Maria Padilla says


  28. Maria Padilla says

    I started with a flip phone oldskoolshit

  29. Hardik Ghoshal says

    My galaxy s7 is great for video but an external microphone is absolutely necessary

  30. OnlyNoah Clutch says

    I started with an iPad Air 1

  31. Joonsu Kwon says

    Wait, then how did he film his unboxing video if that was his first camera

  32. SwiftxMiles says

    Instrumental is Change by J. Cole.

  33. Diamond Max says

    Plz subscribe to my channel
    click the diamond

  34. Douglas says

    This was my first camera too! Now I’m on a canon t6

  35. The Lil Bear says

    I just wnat to record a screen can some one help me out

  36. Plainapple287 says

    I started with a MacBook mid 2010 and iPhone 4s iPod touch 5G and IPhone 6 you don’t always need the best I’ve gotten a decent fan base aswell (500+ subscribers and 8000 views)

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