My Foundation Routine || Roxxsaurus

My Foundation Routine || Roxxsaurus
Hello my darlings! In this video I finally share with you my foundation / base routine, I hope you guys like it! thank you for watching -Roxi ♡My Links♡ Instagram: …

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  1. Khuyen Tran says

    Wow 😻💖 Your skin is naturally perfect!!

  2. Alexandra Norman says

    WHAT nail polish is that?!! gorgeous

  3. Marine says

    Helloooo, I was wondering what shade is/was your healthy mix fondation ? I'm about to purchase one online and I'm so scared to take the wrong shade.

  4. Abby Deala says

    You dont even need foundation ❤️

  5. Ansley Edge says

    Does anybody know where to get the Benefit Powderflage or where she got it? c:

  6. Meeko says

    well if your dark circles are already prominent I woul like to show mine xD anymway, very nice video ^^

  7. Rebecca Cornish says

    This video really helped as I'm not the one to wear foundation or powder and I want to get into more of that side of makeup. I've got skin like you and I haven't really got anything to cover up so this really helped me to know that I can just put the foundation on the areas of my face I feel need a bit of coverage 😘😘

  8. grace baird says

    I honestly thought you were wearing foundation before you even put it on!

  9. Sarah says

    I've watched a lot of beauty gurus on YouTube, and you are definitely the first one I've seen that offers easy yet beautiful tutorials using affordable products. You don't know how happy that makes me. Unfortunately, I don't think some of the products you use are available in the U.S.

  10. Macky Dagan says

    You're absolutely gorgeous 😍 super flawless 👍

  11. Lexi Karena says

    You don't even need makeup ur flawless!!! I have freckles all over and u look absolutely stunning! 😍😍😍😍

  12. mina shahbaz says

    Do you have any tips for girls with excessive hair/peach fuzz on the face? Wearing makeup seems to make it worse, even though I apply foundation in downward strokes. thank you! xx

  13. Rachel Barbieri says

    YOURE SO GORGEOUS!!! I've just found you on YouTube and I'm already in love💛

  14. jess gardella says

    In the beginning, i thought u already had all ur face makeup on but ur skin is just naturally perfect haha

  15. maria 17 says

    you look like gigi hadid

  16. Sam Arellano says

    Omg like everybody is saying that your skin is perfection and they are darn right 😍

  17. ktte bdgeis says

    Could you do a video on your hair color and hair care routine? That would be amazing!! Your hair always looks so lovely.

  18. Holly Emmett says

    I love your cheek bones 😻 you're so pretty omg

  19. joonieslov says

    You actually don't need any kind of makeup, your skin is so perfect!

  20. Oly omg says

    do a summer makeup tutorial please 🙂 !!!

  21. Daria Capar says

    Polish come from ?

  22. IdiotAGENCY says

    i thought you were already wearing foundation in the beginning! :O

  23. dirtyasschucks says

    You remind me of Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) from Game of Thrones. Very pretty x

  24. Liyah .N says
  25. Heather Davey says

    Your flawless

  26. ju li says

    Your beautiful 🙂 how old are you?

  27. Sarah Do says

    Wowowow your hair color complements your skin tone beautifully. Match made in heaven, you look so beautiful! :-))

  28. Madison McMillon says

    AWESOME skin. Definitely no need for foundation. But when you have awesome skin like that, foundation makes you look even more flawless 💯👌

  29. Erin Bigger says

    Roxi, you don't need any foundation your skin is flawless without 🙂 x

  30. Karolina Uszok says

    Masz przepiękny kolor włosów! Zrobione u fryzjera, czy może jakaś farba drogeryjna? <3
    Pozdrowienia z Polski

  31. Ashley Garnace says

    Gorgeous!! I thought you had foundation in the beginning lol. Flawless skin, natural beauty. (:

  32. Miranda Hyseni says

    Can you do a video about your nose piercing? 🙂

  33. Sarah Carrier says

    Please do a Eyebrow tutorial, or what you use on your brows

  34. Victoria Martinez says

    Youre so pretty!

  35. Charlotte Cresswell says

    Fav youtuber hands down

  36. Jasmine Bishop says

    Omg Im going to Venice soon!!! Have fun while you're there!!! ☺️😁

  37. lookatrose says

    ur skin without makeup is perfection. I don't think you need foundation at all to be honest

  38. Miisha A says

    Your natural skin is amazing…I wouldn't even wear foundation if I had skin like urs 😍😍😍😍

  39. mfalkovska says

    your skin is so, so clean, you don't even need any foundation 💞

  40. Marta Campanini says

    when you started the routine I literally thought you already had foundation on and I was like 1what? is she gonna put other products on?1 then I realized it was your skin and omg you're flawless even WITHOUT foundation

  41. Emmy Whybrow says

    How do you not look like you've rolled in mud when contouring…. I literally cant do it. Can you do a video like that? Like how to find the correct bronzer blah blah ? x

  42. Aisya Raisya says

    I LOOOOOVVEEEE your eye makeup here, pls do a tutorial bout this eye look.

    I look ur vidios and look in to a mirror. and all I can think is "shit"

  43. AJ Clementine says

    Your skin is naturally flawless, like you're wearing foundation!! Super jelly <3 SAFE TRAVELS LOVE!! Hope you have a fabulous time in Italy <3 TREAT YO'SELF THERE <3 EEEERRYDAAY <3 XO

  44. Viccc! says

    Concealer on 1st? I've never heard of that.

  45. Delfina C says

    Actually, foundation goes before concealer. If you put concealer first, it may look too heavy, so it's better to apply the foundation first.
    You're gorgeous girl! 😍

  46. Zeta Xu says

    you are literally an aesthetically flawless human i love your videos to the moon and back!! a lot of beauty gurus look really different with makeup on but personally i think you still look like yourself, which i think is very important! keep it up! and have a lovely holiday 🙂

  47. nocoolnamesjustme says

    You don't need it!

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