My MAC Lipstick Collection + Swatches

My MAC Lipstick Collection + Swatches
Hello lovelies! I hope you guys are well. Here is my small MAC Lipstick collection and swatches, I hope this video inspired you to try out new lip colours! Ps. This …

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  1. kookies and cream says

    I love you an those lipsticks❤️😍

  2. Ella says

    I honestly enjoyed the intro way too much 🌚🌚

  3. R F says

    Maybe use the purple one as a eye liner?? or with a Stick concealer to make it matte? 😄

  4. chloe wood says

    Please can people have more awareness about animal testing, and try to go for cruelty free brands. Not hating at all on this video I really enjoyed it. xx

  5. Diamandoula P says


  6. Solrun Sif Hafdal says

    Wait did she try faux?

  7. Marie Gjerdrum says

    Your eyes😍😍😍

  8. Lateefa Johnson says

    I love your collection

  9. Lateefa Johnson says

    y is all these comments talking about they test on animals?when they know themselves they care nothing about animals… I love Mac and I really don't care if they test on animals because I eat animals

  10. Hayleesbeauty715 says

    Mac is cruelty free, in fact they hate animal testing and were one of the firsts to have an alternative. In most European and American areas, they don't, but in places like China, they can't stop it due to the Chinese laws. I hope this helped all of you.

  11. Rebecca YeeYee says

    How on earth can a lipsick make you look dead?

  12. Hadley Swier says

    Have you ever used any of Kylie's Lip Kits before?

  13. anyway - says

    When she said 'blankety,' I immediately thought of Sponge Bob😂😂😂Love you, girl💜

  14. The Panning Diaries says

    if you line your lips with currant by Mac then cyber looks really good!

  15. Diya K.Prasad says

    ahhh a lip swatch video! ahhhhh I'm obsessed with these kinda vids! I loove uu

  16. Idun Morken says

    You should check out the Mac lipstick "Mehr" it's matte and I think you would pull it off so good.

  17. Amanda Carroll says

    Line and fill in your lips with a deep purple lip liner and cyber will look amazing on top

  18. Lonneke Hahb says

    do a hair routine !!😍

  19. Prielle Borowski says

    can u plz do a roomtour ?

  20. Chabely L says

    you are really cute and you look a little bit like Niomi Smart ❤

  21. Jane Roussak says

    Cyber looks wicked on you! However, if you're not a fan, play around with different lip liners underneath (same with Creme D'Nude). xx

  22. louise hope says

    you should try the pink pop pearl colour i think you would really suit it

  23. Ashli says

    I love your channel, but m
    MAC is such a horrible product. they use animal testing._.

  24. Hannah O'Sullivan says

    Your velvet teddy is completely different to the one I have wtf!?!?!

  25. Moospudding says

    Amazing collection and definitely a great size! This was very interesting to watch. I think I might have to buy Ruby Woo now 😀 I have four MAC lipsticks, which I love deeply: Sin, Viva Glam I, Lady Danger and Brave. I am not as happy with Brave as I am with the others, though; I don't think the satin finish suits me very well. Might have to check out Velvet Teddy.

  26. Luiza Sotte says

    I have Cyber and I had the same problem as you, liked on the package, not so much on the lips. Now I put powder with the lipstick to make it mate and it looks so much better, i love it

  27. Sydney Nicole says

    I know it's been said, but please do not promote/wear mac, they do test on animals. There are plenty of brands that are cruelty free!!

  28. dieu anh pham ngoc says

    ruby woo is my favourite

  29. Saff P says

    You're so beautiful! Deffo wanna try out velvet teddy 🙈

  30. Cherie Rose says

    Mac is NOT cruelty free. They test on animals so please be aware of this before buying their products. thanks guys <3

  31. kiaya vickers says

    Why not make the purple Mac lipstick matte with powder? You might like it better x

  32. Sabrina Belaid says

    scone looks amazing on you!

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