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Source Roxxsaurus
  1. Roxxsaurus says

    Did you guys like this morning routine!? I wanna film more in this style as it was so much fun! What do you guys get up to in your morning routines at the weekend? x

  2. Giu Bianchi says

    Your socks are the key to my eruption..

  3. Malene Wells says

    On the sims, please do the 3 time challenge! That would be so cool!

  4. Lisa Snader says

    You should try watching when calls the heart on Netflix

  5. Silly Bunny says

    You brush your teeth before you eat breakfast? I know this video is old but no one commented about that

  6. Chiara Lenoci says

    I love you❤❤❤❤❤😍😍

  7. Putin Rajkumar says

    I luv da way u dot ur kitty I'm a lover of cat

  8. Girly Gamer says

    i watch the oringal on netflix

  9. Arpi Avetisyan says

    Wow!I love you 🖤

  10. Katina Roščić says

    I love Sims too

  11. Kat Kotolazovs says

    I love riverdale

  12. Liv Jones says

    13 reasons why cxx

  13. Gumball Watterson says

    The sims 4 is a really cute game! I have it

  14. Monwara Begum says

    OMG LOVE RIVERDALE SO MUCH!! And I've been watching Jane the Virgin recently and its amazing!!

  15. Ayana Heart says

    I'm in love with friends on Netflix 😁😁

  16. Aiva Papaleo says

    How is your skin so flawless?!?! Xxx 😃❤️

  17. Chantelle Maguire says

    I have been loving stranger things and Riverdale x

  18. Diana Christiana says

    Meriți un like!!

  19. Myusic Ayuauka xo life says


  20. Brittany Walker says

    Where’s your bed from

  21. Gabriella Velez says

    When she saic number too i was like 😕😕 but it eas just the number two part i guess

  22. Louis xx says

    This was uploaded on my bday 😭😅

  23. ameer wzan says

    Ilayk that

  24. Josie Maddox says


  25. alyssa funk says

    stranger things is an amazing show in my opinion

  26. sophia Aiden says

    1 of my fav shows on Netflix is charmed

  27. marwa marwa says

    I like you rotine👍

  28. Kim Salvador says

    you dont drink coffee in the morning?

  29. Maja Szymocha says

    Omg I love your eyes

  30. Bitch face says

    Try pretty little liars xxxxxxxxx

  31. 막내 says

    Just finished watching stranger things

  32. Andrea H says

    Love your routine. You should block out your license plate though for safety.

  33. Perry The Platypus says

    My bro has the same PS4 controller as u

  34. Perry The Platypus says

    I like the song Wolves by Selena Gomez too

  35. tea xxx says

    What's your Guy's favorite song (perfect by Ed sharian)

  36. tea xxx says

    I love you

    So good 😍😍😍😍

  37. Madzzz says

    Stranger things

  38. Mena Mhamed says

    You should watch the 100 and stranger things thay are my fav❤

  39. dance 4you says

    I love your vids, cute pajamas girl 😻 I would love to see more of these in the future ❤️❤️

  40. #Savage Life says

    Little lunch

  41. Nadya Haidar says

    Love watching your youtube videos. Can you please do a winter outfit ideas video plz😊😍😚

  42. Bori A. says

    You wake up with a hair looking like this??? Wow my hair is always a mess. Even after I actually did it😭 I'm jelaous :'D

  43. Sanou and friends says

    C super cool

  44. Nowrin Chowdhury says

    loved this

  45. Ashli Hollander says

    Is primart/primark (not sure) like Walmart for the US? She always says everything she has is from there lol

  46. Cherry Berry xoxo says

    Why do people brush there teeth before breafast

  47. G says


  48. Michele Brandt says

    This was a cute vlog. Where do you head out to? Just errands?

  49. itsme piaaa says

    O my god! The simss

  50. لتين الزهراني says

    please please please make SMS video pleeeeasee

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