Natural & Dewy Spring Makeup Tutorial

Natural & Dewy Spring Makeup Tutorial
Hey lovelies! today I filmed a very natural and minimal makeup that’s perfect for spring, I’ve been loving the ‘dewy’ skin look recently so I thought I’d show you …

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  1. Mariasita says

    i think you should do korean makeup😙😙

  2. sushiesalmon 20 says

    Never heard this kind of tutorial but i enjoyed it much❤️🔥

  3. Wichita Febrynice Widjaja says

    you might have mistakenly put "Cars & Vehicles" as your category.

  4. Dianna Ysabel says

    just found your channel and i absolutely love the look, really have been trying to achieve a natural makeup look and this is lovely <3

  5. Gina Mai says

    How do you keep your skin so clear😍

  6. Yu Jin Jung says

    You look so prettieeeee 😘😘😘😘

  7. Caution Its Zo says

    Love this video

  8. Melissa Carney says

    your makeup is so amazing wow:-) you look so great without makeup no word of a lie your so gorgeous:)))

  9. Fiona Lorika says

    I love the way you say 'bootycall' aww your accent is so cute

  10. Harvey Dulay says

    Hey, i was just wondering how you manage to keep the bronzer and blusher you use from sliding off your face? I don't really like wearing foundation or bb cream because I think my skin is decent looking without it but I really like wearing bronzer, blusher and highlighter. However, without the foundation to stick onto it fades away really quick. By the way, you're one of my favorite youtubers and instagrammers (idk if that's even a thing) but yeah I love everything you do :$

  11. Evie Lloyd says

    your skin is so nice and clear please can you show your skin care routine xx

  12. Maryem Hamidi says

    Could you please do a makeup set up ( i actually don't know how to say it but yeah i really love you <3

  13. Semina psillou says

    could u show us your skin care routine?

  14. A Mets says

    Jawline could cut

  15. Willow Garcia says

    I did this make up for my birthday (watched the video while doing my makeup) and wore it into the late night. Awesome for both and especially for those who don't like to wear a lot of makeup. I felt so pretty without being masked:) I loved it!

  16. Sophie Airey says

    Love this makeup look! Thankyou and keep looking gorgeous🙉

  17. melikasstella says

    OMG!You're skin is gorgeous. Please do a skincare routine video😍🙏

  18. iAmROMAN zOLANSKI says

    You're so beautiful 😍

  19. alice_rev says

    omg you look a little bit like Zoella
    you're beautiful

  20. Hadeeqah says

    Your skin is flawless! Btw how old are you 💗

  21. Gabriella Martinez says

    I love your videos

  22. spectrum says

    Make a classy 90s inspired make up tutorial!

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