NEW Ultimate Minecraft Boss (Ep. 6)

NEW Ultimate Minecraft Boss (Ep. 6)
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  1. Savannah Penn says

    15:57 it’s not a boss… it doesn’t heart u

  2. Savannah Penn says

    When they said a moment of silence I thought it was a real audio used in movies

  3. Tim Wimborne says

    Please read my comments

  4. Tim Wimborne says

    You guys are pros and you are better that Kayden Dixon at survival and you defeated the enderdragon

  5. Tim Wimborne says

    You two make the best minecraft couple series. You guys should come to Australia Braidwood 2622 51 wilson street plzzzzzzzz i am dieing if you don't plzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😝😝😝😝😝

  6. Danish Khairil says

    Your skin in minecraft same like me but my skin hair is yellow

    Don t stoppppppp playyyyyy minecraft

  7. Kaitlyn Makey says

    AHAHAHA had to replay it one million times!!! 0:30

  8. Meiah Wiggins says


  9. JoJo D says

    I ment jordi

  10. JoJo D says

    Knight azzy and knight Boris the best couple ever

  11. Icyx Tiger says

    People say if we say the youtubers name 3 times it will pin u imma try


    Did it work?

  12. Deanne Cameron says

    so sad i do not have the new mind craft.

  13. Evilen darkside says


  14. Evilen darkside says

    Love you

  15. Nicole's World says

    Do a realistic mod

  16. The1andonlymehhh_Pooj says

    when you attack the wither with a potato

  17. Flaming Star Gaming YT says

    To make the elytra work jump of a cliff hit space in mid air and then you are gliding and it has a animating

  18. Flaming Star Gaming YT says

    You can place the beacon on diamond,gold,iron,and emerald

  19. Flaming Star Gaming YT says

    The wither hates evry mob in Minecraft accept ender_dragon

  20. Chan Nada says

    You can put glass on becon for example pink glass makes becon pink

  21. Williams Family and Friends says

    I love Minecraft and your vids it’s the perfect combo

  22. My YouTube Diaries 123 says

    I know how to do parkour but I am not good at it on the computer

  23. Jordynn Murdock says

    Azzy: I'm dead
    Lost half a heart

  24. Kathleen Pfeiffer says

    How to use the elytra you go somewhere High and jump off while you're jumping off right click

  25. Jezabell Rodriguez says

    You should make a gaming channel

  26. Secret classic Potions says

    Dc mod please

  27. Loading GATE 404 says

    We did`t get the drogon helment

  28. Nicholas Larose says

    You need to jump of a high place and jump again you will fly

  29. Nicholas Larose says

    Back to the ship in one episode at the tip of the ship is a ender dragon head

  30. Revi Price says

    You rock azzy and minecraft

  31. Miah Appling says

    OMG you make Minecraft look cool

  32. Ninja R says

    Do the wither storm press were the arrow points
    if you agree

  33. Kathleen Shimmer says


  34. Jamie Tandy says

    they use creative because no achivements

  35. Abby’s World says

    Moment of silence… HI JORDI !!!

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