Nexus 6P Review!

Nexus 6P Review!
Review of Google’s Android 6.0 flagship: Nexus 6P Nexus 6P Camera samples: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. MW says

    Pixel 4 is garbage, I can't believe you Google. You could've kept updating the Nexus 6P and it would've been the best phone in 2019 if you kept the Nexus phones. The Pixel 1 was already a step backwards and worse than the Nexus 6P, and Google has been doing nothing but ruining the Pixels, and the 4 is the worst they ever made. I miss the old Android phones

  2. Henry Aguirre says

    Watching before the Pixel 4 launch to reminisce the Nexus days. Still a stunning phone in late 2019

  3. Rafid hassan oney says

    Best designed phone till now !

  4. Tom LEE says

    come from 2019. Feels like this is a good phone….what's the point upgrading?

  5. Krishna b says

    Marques this is the video which made my buy it.

  6. Krishna b says

    I loved this so much and I dropped it and broke the screen. Would still love to use this phone.

  7. Kevin Loftis says

    god I loved that phone, too bad mine got that stupid battery problem

  8. sparklyyyves says

    imma say it now this phone was ahead of its time

  9. martin swift says

    Uhh I miss my 6p was such a good phone.. if anything it was different and I liked that

  10. ShadLok says

    Fuck Android One and Pixel. I want Nexus to return.

  11. Speakerboxx j says

    This phone was sooo underrated… I loved this phone

  12. Commander Keen says

    i replaced the battery and still use it daily. such a great phone

  13. Zakariya Ali says

    How's Google and Huawei's relationship now I wonder

  14. Jesse Olivo says

    Wasn't this phone eventually panned as being a piece of junk? So much for this "highly recommended" review.

  15. Dwikky Yudha says

    Why the hell there's even a Huawei logo on the back of Nexus 6P!?

  16. AlbertNeedSkills says

    Nexus 6P Is A Joke – Jerry

  17. Ban Y E E T os says

    I can approve that melted chocolate inside the headphone jack does not effect the music quality through earbuds or headphones

  18. thescreenrecorder lvl 1 says

    This looks better than today's bathtub pixel 3.good old days!

  19. Binh Nguyen says

    Who's watching in 2019?… I'll walk myself out…

  20. Rayden Recollet says

    I just watched jimmyrigeverything where he snapped this phone in half just like that and said some nasty things about it and here we are with Marques saying everything good!

  21. moual78 gaming says

    This phone is a joke!
    – JerryRigEverything 2016

  22. A P says

    Still using my nexus6p it's aging well

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