Nıght Tıme Skıncare Routıne I Sensıtıve Acne Prone

Nıght Tıme Skıncare Routıne I Sensıtıve Acne Prone

NOT SPONSORED Finally, I’m going to show you guys my skincare routine for night time.I have sensitive /acne prone skin so I hope this will help some of you …

Nıght Tıme Skıncare Routıne I Sensıtıve Acne Prone
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  1. Selin Güleryüz says

    could someone please tell me which pads she used to dry her face after cleansing it? 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  2. Sruti Bhattacharjee says

    Please share hair care and daily skin care routines. I have combination sensitive skin sometimes it becomes oily acne prone

  3. ARMY's ARMY says

    She: Wait depend how lazy you are…
    (After two to three days) oh I have something on ma face. 😂😅

  4. FRUIT PANDA says

    Wait 3-10 min depending on how lazy you are.

    She knows…😱

  5. Felicia Ting says

    Wait a minute, she TRIPLE CLEANSES??!?!?!

  6. kikasete aishiteru says

    Is she wearing contact lens?

  7. Bushra Khan says

    you have telephone in your bathroom??? LOL

  8. Loveya subliminal frequency says

    Wait what…u r 25😨😨

  9. bosswoman says

    anybody knows what cotton pad she used?

  10. Srimayee says

    Do u even need makeup? You have perfect skin

  11. Smol Potato says

    Omg, you do that to!? I literally flood the bathroom when I wash my face.

  12. catary n.n says

    con o sin maquillaje se sigue viendo hermosa😍. quiero ser como ella 😢

  13. Nathlene Faith says

    her skin is goalssss. I look older than her. I'm only 18 :((

  14. A A says

    all of your fingers except ring finger are attached to muscles that make it too harsh to spread your eye cream. always only spread your eye cream with ring finger its anatomic you can look up how individual muscles extend from your elbow to your index finger, middle finger, thumb but not ring i think the pinky has a special muscle, too so yeah kind of counter productive to spread an eye cream with your middle finger bc youre stretching the area with too much pressure which causes wrinkles!

  15. pornesian parrapio says

    I literally do all of this with products from the pharmacy ( also hella expensive fml , and no i'm not allergic to any of them ) yet all these people online say they have acne prone skin while their skin looks hella smooth and clear. My face is super red , has hella pimples and my pores are bigger than my damn future. How the fuck do they do it ????

  16. NICO CHAN says

    U realy r a godess😍

  17. Julie Suki says

    What're you using to dry your face?

  18. White Fern says

    I'm really glad that I found her she gave me so so much and is a truly wonderful person putting great effort into making those videos it's just admirable she is one of a kind 💞 exceptional 💞

  19. trang xùu says

    Làm clip để tiếng việt với chị .

  20. Ash Sha says

    I still watch this video because it's so therapeutic

  21. Bảo Uyên says

    why don't you took your lens out ?

  22. ZACH GT says

    "Three" products are so expensive. is there any more recommendations? i have also the same sensitive acne prone skin just like you and crosx is great but i have problems with my cleaner. 😥😥

  23. Hope Miller says

    how does she look so gorgeous when taking makeup off and washing her face ??? I'm super jealous, ahh

  24. Gabriela Rodulfo says

    Do you do that every single night? :0

  25. Babyshiba says

    jesus what even are these prices

  26. anya • says

    Would any of these products be useful for teenage skin? Or would they be harmful instead? Your videos are amazing btw!!!

  27. 鬼lovelyghost says

    Love the massage techniques. Although when it comes to massaging products on the neck I usually like to massage my skin up to reduce sagging skin by massaging and pulling the skin down.

  28. ジNostalgic says

    Skincare is so expensive for me. I can only afford 2 products. :×

  29. Echo Ryu says

    I wonder; are you really doing this everyday or do you sometimes skip some steps?
    Your skin looks really nice tho! ty for sharing sichen♥

  30. Lbts For life says


  31. Lbts For life says


  32. hiba boo says

    Oh hell no. 98 dollars just for the three cleansing oil and foam. why is it so expensive 🙁 . If only I was rich I’d get them in a heartbeat. Guess I’ll stick to drugstore skincare
    Edit: btw does anyone know how long the bottle of foam would last if used once a day, everyday?

  33. satan cat says

    yeah but what about blackheads? whiteheads? exfoliation?!???!??!? GIRL HOW CAN YOUR SKIN BE THAT C L E AN WITHOUT ANY EXFOLIATION

  34. felfel cc says

    are u korean?

  35. y says

    Where them eyebrows at

  36. Ann says

    😩😭 you have such beautiful skin while i’m over here breaking out!! I really wanna try the products you used but 💸💸

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