Niki Reacts To Her First Eating Your Feed Episode • Tasty

Niki Reacts To Her First Eating Your Feed Episode • Tasty
Adam was like..will you make this cheese cake..and I was like..ok..and then this video happened! Shop the NEW Tasty Merch: …

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  1. Linggg says

    So Niki is back?

  2. Diona Hammond says

    Wait she was rehired I was worried she was gone!

  3. Zaher Daou says

    I hate this girl, she always say bad words ,that talked in the video ,she suars

  4. Planet Broccoli says

    Niki !!!

  5. Starry Skies says

    It’s funny that past-you was like “time to add more eggs” to the second attempt, when the main complaint for the first attempt was it was too eggy.

  6. Garyson Sum says

    That thumbnail almost scare me

  7. FuMei says


  8. Jimmy Nguyen says

    It’s sad to see Niki in a buzzfeed video knowing she’s not with the company anymore. 😢😢😢

  9. Trek & Craft, Tech Design says

    watch and support us also…

  10. Gabs says

    This is similar to basque burnt cheesecake

  11. Cindy Christiana says

    Eating Your Feet

  12. Júlia Martins says

    Is nikki still in the BuzzFeed??? Thought she left
    Ps: English is not my first language so I apologize if there’s mistakes

  13. Cake Junkie says

    nice job. I love it so much

  14. Kathy Erickson says

    "This was me, watching me, in a video about me." Ha ha! And…raisins?!

  15. C O B R A says

    This is the me watching me about me🙂

  16. huntercollier says

    Niki could defeat Palpatine

  17. Ash Lee says

    lmao nearly 2 1/2 years later and they still haven't given us the damn revised version of the recipe, despite everyone asking for it. Yet they repost the original version of the recipe like 509 times even though everyone who tries it agrees that it literally just tastes like eggs.

  18. fashnek says

    I am not even slightly interested in watching these videos of Buzzfeed employees reacting to Buzzfeed videos. But no matter how much I mark them with thumbs down / "Not Interested" / "Hide", YouTube still continues to throw them into my feeds. So congratulations on the promotion machine, Tasty!

  19. vfx says

    Niki is funny.

  20. JoAnna Judson says

    Where’s the damn recipe???

  21. i'm such a puta says

    Yay! Nicki is back!

  22. Angeli087 says

    I thought Nicki wasn't working for buzzfeed anymore

  23. Sally Ng says

    Me watching Niki now and Niki in the vid
    Me: I am old
    That's like many years ago!!! maybe it is. the difference between 2010s and 2020s
    Me: Even older… true and sad fact

  24. Mohd Aquib says

    Niki's Laugh 😄😄

  25. Karrine Rah says

    Awwww is this a react channel now 😍

  26. Maryam Alam says

    worst thing she did in the original video was not give us the final recipe

  27. IsaCalliope says

    not really sure how i feel about buzzfeed firing Niki yet still monetizing off of her popularity

  28. joshbvn says

    only the og’s watched this multiple times

  29. I'mgonnashitinyacheerios says

    I like Nikki she's cute

  30. jiminie puff says


  31. Old_grump says

    Niki Reacts looks like Nike React sneakers 🙂 lol

  32. Blacklash 225 says

    If I'm learning anything from these videos of people watching themselves on Tasty is that Adam is an evil mastermind, and can make anyone do anything! He's probably got the best job, cooks' puppet master! Keep up the great work!

  33. Rachel Hildebrand says

    Adam takes such big bites

  34. LaperCog INA says

    i thought this video about 88rising's NIKI

  35. It’s me lorenzo says

    Hey tasty,

    I just want to point out that Walmart is selling out of date cupcake decoration kit . I’m very very sad that they don’t even care about the expiration date.

    Your dear, Fan

  36. BOIIII says

    Isnt this the girl from feminist answer questions? Looool.

  37. chef Princess 5 says

    Nyc effort sis i really appreciate it keep it up 👍 visit my vido

  38. yeah boi says


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