No-Bake Mint Chip Cookies • Tasty

No-Bake Mint Chip Cookies • Tasty
In a time crunch or stuck on what to gift this year? These no-bake mint chip cookies are deliciously simple and taste heavenly! Shop the NEW Tasty Merch: …

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  1. Prajna Sharma says

    They are more of mint coconut chocolates rather than cookies

  2. Cool Beans says

    Why did u have to use food coloring ew

  3. Charwo says

    there is a reason it's called a "cook"ie

  4. GlitzyJazzyUwU says

    Isn’t it just a mint flavoured bounty in a circular shape lol

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  6. Mamandu 0 says

    If i ever got these as a gift like the description says, i would denounce whoever gave these to me from my life and the life of my future children

  7. Ayesha Ahmed says

    I love mint

  8. -Sugar Bun- says

    God damn I could smell this through my screen

  9. Eat With Meera says


  10. BrickBro says

    👏 4 Tasty!

  11. Savy and Liza says

    Me: Ooh, no bake! It must be quick!

    Video: FREEZE 2 HOURS

    Me: well, crap.

  12. Sarah Barragan says

    These are mint patties. I wouldnt say cookies. They remind me of the york peppermint patties…

  13. Venessa Villanueva says

    This is like cherry ripe gone wild

  14. SZDEMON 666 says

    If you don’t use coloring does it effect the treats other than looks?

  15. hemamalini jayakumar says

    And that's why they coated it with chocolate

  16. Yoselin Cisneros says

    The tile: “No-Bake Mint Chip cookies
    Me: “No-Bake! Sounds too good to be true”
    Sees coconut
    Also me: “😑”

  17. MM’s Pets says

    The cookies looking a little crusty lol

  18. Unzi Karim says

    Who set the green Color fot mint😒. Too much green.

  19. Emilie Bailey says

    Why add that creepy green coloring? It makes it look.. Uhm.. gross.

  20. Katherine says

    I love the thumbnail! It made me click 🤔😅

  21. FanfareT.Loudest says

    Sees the person putting cookies on a baking sheet

    Me: Ah ah ah! Ur not supposed to bake i—


    Me- – .. Oh

  22. Momma Of 2 says

    Omg 🍫

  23. CrackberryMe says

    You lost me after add coconut 🥥

  24. LilBabyCakes • says

    I hate watching these videos cause they make me hungry but I just can’t resist


  25. Emelie Peach says

    I hate mint

  26. Krissy Childress says

    I love all they recipes 😍

  27. Zimsearch Mister says

    But coconut has the worst texture around. Why not oatmeal or something?

  28. Awake andreborn says

    NO to green food coloring. Disgusting

  29. Haley Faragalli says

    I love mint

  30. Fariah Mahmood says

    if… you already have thin mints… why would you need to make the first recipe…

  31. Mulatto Air says

    Put coconut in the title so I dont have to waste my time clicking on it to find out 😂😂

  32. Luli Nasser says

    This recipe is a disaster for hot weather. Coconut oil is completely unstable above 27ºC (around 81.3ºF). Since the human body temperature is above 36ºC (96.8ºF), the coconut oil will be completely melted all over your hand even before the chocolate melts itself. Trust me, I've done this kind of thing before with vegan filled chocolates before. It doesn't work. It becomes a greasy mess for people who live in places with hight temperatures. This is why most people use Palm Fat/Palm Fat, because it can withstand higher temperatures (even though it tastes horrible and is horrible for the environment). By the way, I live in Brazil. This recipe would melt the second I took out of my freezer, midway into my mouth. If hot weather is your case as well, I suggest you use fractionated chocolate and completely skip the coconut oil.

  33. DJ Shock Africa says

    I love mint 🙂

  34. SankaraNarayanan V says

    Why ………just why?

  35. Aqsa Shakil says

    I want mint choco chip ice cream now 😩❤️❤️😩😩

  36. A Nanny Moose says

    looked interesting till I saw coconut

  37. Kevin Addams says


  38. M Mitera says

    I got a tasty ad before this

  39. MiloMakesMusicCovers says

    Girl scouts would like to know your location

  40. Terdii Laz says

    Me: read "no-bake" at the title
    Also me: gotta try this
    Video: instructions: Bake (according to package)
    Me: You tryna kill me or wut? •_•

  41. ilovetoclean myfloor says

    This is considered as a cookie. Cmon guys.

  42. Wolfy_Anime Girl says

    Looks delicious!

  43. Kimber Lee says

    Why artificial color?

  44. Chirag Shah says

    For me, anything that has artificial colour is not real.. No matter how Tasty the food is…

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