Nokia Lumia 1020 Review!

Nokia Lumia 1020 Review!
The Lumia 1020 has the best camera in any phone right now. Worth it? Nokia Lumia 1020 (Unlocked): Nokia Lumia 1020 (AT&T): …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Ze3 King says

    please make camera comparision between samsung note 10 vs iphone 11 pro vs nokia lumia 1020

  2. Cake Batter says

    Someone should do a smartphone camera shootout in 2019 and add the Lumia 1080 in for fun. I highly doubt it will come in last place.

  3. meatball 11evo says

    This is trevors phone

  4. Insert Name Here says

    Android & iPhone are joke, its clear Nokia lumia will rule the world

  5. Jason Todd says

    I can't believe what I'm watching
    Camera was great
    OS was great
    It is so smooth
    Screen is so satisfying
    It's a pity we can't see more of this legend
    I hope the improved version realise

  6. Masa Ikramul Haq says

    The design of this phone is way ahead of its time, specially all old Nokia & Windows phones. ❤️

  7. Enriq's Buzz says

    This phone can perform better than some smart phones today
    So youtube good going

  8. SLCarlsson says

    Coming straight from the Oneplus 7T Review

  9. gopi s says

    Nokia first to launch
    *40mp camera
    * new camera design
    Nokia King always ❤️

  10. Abinash D says

    Wait..what ? Seriously youtube ?

  11. elletangere says

    should i but this for travelling

  12. X_H_A_M_I_L Vevo says

    On my remember i was at my school ages and I dream to buy 1020 and actually I bought iPhone 5s on those days and I still using my 1st smartphone 5S and taking pictures and post on my instagram 😉

  13. Eranga Madubashana says


  14. Jose G. says

    I had the red version. The camera was sick on this phone. I honestly loved the live tiles and the operating system of this phone. Great build quality too. The only downside was app support, not anything near apple or android at the time. Still loved it though.

  15. IAmYous3f says

    This phone's camera was a beast but everything else is garbage

  16. my mom says

    Yesss i hope Windows will be a great suceess cant wait

  17. Frank Han says

    Even in 2019, those are good photos!

  18. abdallah ramadan says

    What's the matter with YouTube 🤔

  19. FoolishImpresario 410 says

    I had this phone, had it a few months & Microsoft ruined it. A software update came through & I couldn't use the camera. Went back to the carphone warehouse a lot & even got it sent off for repairs & even there couldn't get it working, never got any new features. People from all over the world were having the same problems with the Lumia phones. Never been back to Nokia since, Microsoft has ruined Nokia's reputation!!!

  20. Chevvakula Srikanth says

    I'm actually surprised by the quality of your review, even though you were nearly 6 years younger.. Good job

  21. simon199418 says

    this one will one day be an amazing collection piece

  22. flippy dude says

    Windows phones to be honest doesn't work very well but I only want them for the camera and the YouTube downloader that's easy to use for thick people like me

  23. Satnam singh Randhawa says

    I love this device and want to buy new one from Store….. but it will never happened in 2019

  24. Najmi Havoc says

    It's not recommended to me, so I search it

  25. Sara Austin says

    Why did lumia stop making great phones? They really were on the right track

  26. Mix Box says

    Me: "Hmm I need a new mobile. Max 1 year old so let's see… what reviews I can find.
    opening Youtube
    Youtube: Hello traveler.
    Me. WTF?!

  27. Marko Lacić says

    A dual core Snapdragon S4? Damn I nearly forgot that even existed

  28. Prince Virginia says

    "Lets just randomly recommend a video from 5 damn years ago"

  29. Alonso Gonzalez says

    Im here in 2019 looking at this video! Its a NOPE! 🙂

  30. Yosemite - says

    Nice recommendation Youtube!

  31. Gamatron LIV3Z says

    What…I probably would have bought know…if YOUTUBE SHOWED ME THIS VID A WHILE BACK

  32. Legendary says

    Nice hair.

  33. Jochem Casier says

    I really miss my 1020

  34. Jochem Casier says

    I really miss my Lumia 1020.

  35. SSK says

    2030 anyone??

  36. CronoXGM says

    Youtube is broken. In 2019 we see in recomandation a video from 2013

  37. Sabbir is Tuber says

    hey i am coming from feature

  38. Cody Williams says

    I am not sure why, but when I had this phone back in 2015, when I uploaded video to my facebook, it STILL is MORE CRISP and has cutting edge detail even today when compared to my google pixel 2.

  39. Lil Indomie says

    When someone said android cameras are ugly they probably using a lumia

  40. Mayank Singh says

    2019 ???

  41. Erhan İrbeç says

    why 5 year?

  42. Tod360 says


  43. Jendl Ballesteros says

    anyone from 2020?

  44. Marcello Adi says

    Watching this with a 48mpx phone

  45. Наджи Абухасира says

    Who’s here 😂🤦🏼‍♂️

  46. Stan LT says

    Nokia Lumia 1020: Bye world

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