Nokia Lumia 925 Review!

Nokia Lumia 925 Review!
My first Windows Phone 8 experience with the Nokia Lumia 925! Nokia Lumia 925: Fullsize photo samples: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. AL K says


  2. Spectra tora says

    Legend has it that YouTube algorithm is more complex than quantum mechanics

  3. Adeniji Abbas says

    Nokia 925 review. December 2019. Thanks youtube

  4. UFO says

    December 2019

  5. Nawas Naz says


  6. Engineer Waqar Ahmed says

    Fall of Nokia empire.

  7. KING OF HEARTS says

    Who’s watching in 2020????

  8. victor555117 says

    Wow, that intro was a flashback..

  9. D3DSTR1K3R says

    I miss my first phone

  10. Mike John Oneill says

    Wow it’s December 2019 and I’m being recommended a 2013 MKBHD video. Well Alright!

  11. ULTRA says

    December 2019 gang?

  12. sam says

    Lets agree , we aren't here by our choice 🤷🏼‍♂️

  13. mONEy says

    Yikes! That camera is dog shit.

  14. Patrik Šaray says

    Youtube: Hey wanna see a 6 years old mobile phone?

  15. Tahmid Shanto says

    Hello ♥️

  16. Jaztine Gabe says

    Fact: no one cares if this was recommended to you or not.

  17. Sr4Turza says

    Dec 2019 :3 why do you recommend it youtube ?

  18. srikara srinidhi says

    when he says galaxy s2, it hit me,

  19. McNibbler says

    I forgot how damn beautiful windows phones were

  20. CuraSpooky says


  21. DRWXP says

    RIP Windows phone, you will be missed

  22. Grote Lul says

    so google recommend it when ms drop it support a week ago?

  23. Virtual disaster says

    starting from 3:20 his voice is exactly the same as today, it feels like am watching a 2019 video.

  24. AlwinShoots says

    That bezels doe👀

  25. Muhammed Rifan says

    Why now…???

  26. Luke Jin says


  27. Damar Paramartha says

    I had this in 2014, best experiences ever in a phone

  28. manzur ahmed says

    YouTube, Why u do dis ? 👀
    And He looks awesome 🤣

  29. Maax's Xzone says


  30. pewcy 3000 says

    Hey you have reached 10 mil sub mark

  31. Hitesh Kumar says

    Looks like everyone is watching it now in 2019. You wanna explain it YouTube?

  32. Suor So Davit says

    Damn.. Back in 2013 when people still have angry bird in their phone

  33. Nick Neuhart says

    To rehash this subject since this video popped up in my 2019 feed. Windows phone was actually great but because of my dependence on google apps, I really struggled. I think I lasted a month before I swapped back to Android.

  34. Chirag Thakker says

    Who here after 10 mil

  35. itsMandal says

    Recommending in 2019 anybody?

  36. Loki27 says

    Windows phone was gorgeous…shame it has to die. I hate android.

  37. Kevin says

    Flop shot

  38. 808 rbtshki says


  39. Ahmad Gaji says

    17th December, 2019. Marques has 9.99m subscribers. WHAT A GUY!

  40. TJ Films says

    How was he still good at YouTube 8 yrs ago?!??!

  41. boonie says

    thanks marques

  42. eddy.H says

    This video: in people's recommendations.
    Idiots: "2019? 2019?" "Why is this on my recommendations? XD" "Oh December 2019, anyone?" etc.

    Just shut up!

  43. Chetan M says

    Don’t know why YouTube recommend it??

  44. Akshay Jumani says

    YouTube: "Hey there you little shit, check out this 6 year old review of a phone running a dead OS"

    Me: "Okay Boomer"

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