Oddly SATISFYING Video Compilation – ASMR , Slime Pressing and more!

Oddly SATISFYING Video Compilation – ASMR , Slime Pressing and more!
Oddly SATISFYING Video Compilation – ASMR , Slime Pressing and more! SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 Hello Citizens of Azzyland.

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  1. MEL Peach says

    5:20 my last name is peach…

  2. Lyn Shbaro says

    Thx azzy I love your videos so much 💜💜💜💜💜❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Sylvanian Families Fun says

    I drool when I go to sleep

  4. The_Dark_Shadow says

    Azzy maybe u just need a ton of space lights and you'll end up an alien like laurenzside 😂😂😂

  5. MriduL Gaming says

    Cancer alert too much makeup

  6. Tom Riddle says

    2019- thots think their voice is asmr

  7. jayer ud says

    you are so cute

  8. Gia Prasad says

    1:23 that’s parpad ( I don’t know how to spell it ) it’s an Indian food but they used coloured ones

  9. Xx Amanda xX says

    When you asked what is that for one its shrimp chips being fried in oil I know because some times my mom makes shrimp chips

  10. The Lil Gaming Nugget says

    1:23 in the morning, watching Azzyland

  11. Crystal Clear says

    Why do you talk like an idiot

  12. ESERETH CHAN says

    is thats an angel mago

  13. Adrian Wilson says

    Yes you can do galaxy paint

  14. Panadda Tiempetpaisal says

    Those are shrimp chips. They are tiny and flat at first, but then they "bloom" after being cooked

  15. minimacs02 Mclaughlin says


  16. Hayden Bodsworth says


  17. Olena Zaitseva says


  18. Hector Flores says

    I love you Azzy

  19. Marcus Williams says

    I'm just kidding I'm I'm a like & subscribe on your videos I was just I love you YouTube channel in your freaking awesome you're awesome love you

  20. Marcus Williams says

    you're wrong the freaking are you going to be SpongeBob

  21. DiamondCraftSprite Crafter says

    0:9 ur wrong, whats more satisfying is completeing a videogame that you've been working on for 3 months

  22. Aaron Close says

    Honestly most annoying person ever

  23. Poppy Rainbows says

    Did she say mocha? Or did she mean mochii ;-;

  24. Angelie Rampersad says

    Yes its such a nice color paint the house 💞

  25. Aaron Animates says

    Azzy: Im pretty sure that when you get slime in your hair it will be really hard to get out

    Gum: Am i a joke to you??

  26. Doggo The mad borker says

    Azzy looks away into the camera i can’t look away from this

    Me: you just looked away to say you can’t look away. Love that logic

  27. Cat pueen Kittycat says

    I love your hair azzy🙂

  28. Carrie Kniveton says

    Peaches of very gooey inside trust me I know I live in Albany Georgia

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