One-Pot Cajun Fettuccine Alfredo

One-Pot Cajun Fettuccine Alfredo
Here is what you’ll need! ONE-POT CAJUN FETTUCCINE ALFREDO Servings: 6-8 INGREDIENTS Cajun Seasoning 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper 1 teaspoon …

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  1. The Lady Marah says

    Milk instead of cream due to high water content in milk. That makes it so pasta can be cooked in milk.

    Also, yall forgot celery to complete the Holy Trinity of veggies. It's Green pepper, onion and celery. Garlic is the Pope.

  2. Zaib Un Nisa says

    Is sausage necessary?

  3. Noma M says

    Damn ths meal

  4. phanjazm j says

    Made it!!! Kidz killed it!!!!!

    Damn Tasty!! (No pun intended)

  5. Fuu Yuh says

    I made it this way and wtf lmao my pasta is still hard

  6. LennyGalaxy says


  7. Charlie Dead says

    I tried this and the milk curdled and ruined the entire dish. Such a waste. Any suggestions??

  8. Zydrake Shogun says

    Who's here because of Alwaysp0ppin?

  9. Crystal K says

    I tried this recipe & uploaded on my channel 😁

  10. Antonio Roberson says

    Milk instead of heavy cream? 🤔🤔 I'll have to try that.

  11. Ayame Thompson says

    About to make in an hour! I’m putting my faith in you!

  12. Connor Jibben says

    Gonna make this on Friday!

  13. katlyn maclaren says

    Can you use almond milk as a sub for reg milk??

  14. Mariana Cardozo says

    Tasty just run out of good ideas

  15. Cierra Joseph says

    DO NOT USE MILK!!! it won't solidify and give you the right consistency! You can't make this in one pot! I ended up with pasta soup!!!

  16. Gemiie L says

    Currently at the milk stage, and the pot smells so good. Can't wait to add the pasta, and my mussels and bacon (instead of sausage and the chicken).

  17. ashley den says

    My fettucine get really sticky ???

  18. Rebecca W says

    I made this last night and it was really yummy! Family loved it too. The only thing I did was add cajuan seasoning to make it spicier.

  19. sunny B says

    i made this, well half the recipe because i wasn't sure if we were going to like it. i also diluted the milk since we don't react too well to milk. It wasn't too bad. But i don't think i'll make it again

  20. WeezMcCheez says

    MAN!!! this looks 🔥

  21. Vincent Guilbault says

    Tried it. Really good

  22. Kierra Owens says

    Can I switch milk for heavy cream?

  23. E. Dab says

    Just did this with uncooked penne, works great too.

  24. TheAdidaskicks23 says

    Made this. I really look forward to trying again. It was pretty good and spicy.

  25. The pursuit of tastiness says

    Che Dio ve perdoni!

  26. Salem Wilfong says

    Tried it, pretty good actually. Did not use one pot method though.

  27. John says

    I followed your recipe on everything but the sausage. Its really sweet. I mean taste wise. What made it so sweet?

  28. seidimano1 says

    Per il cane

  29. Stubblybreak4 says

    Made this it's really good..

  30. slashess says

    tried this recipe last night – the seasoning is really good however, I felt like the milk flavor was a bit overbearing as I tasted more milk than the seasonings. I added cream cheese to it later to have more of an alfredo flavor. The meats were really good, I would probably use less milk and add some more cheese to it.

  31. deweymia03 says

    Could I use almond milk instead of cow milk? I don't like the taste of normal milk.

  32. quintaja hayes says

    I made it and it is so good

  33. Zoey Houser says

    Just made this today, it's really good!

  34. amarkray01 says

    I made this recipe a few nights ago and I absolutely loved it. A real winner in my book

  35. Kory Kent says

    Okay I GOTTA make this, this recipe actually has sauce lol

  36. Frog Monarch says

    how many people almost died from coughing from making this

  37. Gilbert Valdez says

    That shit look bangin!! Maryanne ain't playin around wit y'all. She put all them spices in.. cayenne, paprika, pepper, a dash of racism..

  38. sunny B says

    6 cups of milk!!!!! :O

  39. it's me says

    Good luck if you're lactose intolerant

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