One-Pot Chicken Chow Mein

One-Pot Chicken Chow Mein
Here is what you’ll need! One-Pot Chicken Chow Mein Servings 5 INGREDIENTS Marinade ⅓ cup soy sauce, 1 tablespoon ginger, minced 1 tablespoon garlic, …

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  1. Angela R says

    This is very good, a lil spicy for me, so I'll use a tiny bit next time. Ty!👌

  2. Angela R says

    I've made this and it's really good. 👌

  3. Prismus of 夢世界 says

    Tasty: makes video using ramen noodles

    People: “omg why use ramen noodles ew so plain”

    Tasty: makes video involving you use handmade noodles

    People: “omg why make handmade noodles ugh im so lazy”


    This music reminds me of mission impossible.

  5. TW. Leona says

    we never use Ramen for chow mein in China…..

  6. najeeb albader says

    Why don’t people do chicken by weight?

  7. Sarah Imbat says

    Tasty USA doesn't know how to make Asian food! 😂😂😂

  8. Kosmetix says

    Where mah asians at?

  9. Inkitty Toony says

    Soooo… Pancit?

  10. rida munawar says

    Bkwas tarwen

  11. cardonescarlson says

    Wrong noodles

  12. sunny B says

    i made this 3 times, we love it. Just watch u don't cook the noodles too long, they cook very fast and get mushy.

  13. Tommy Jas says

    Looks dry…

  14. Chad Gibbs says

    Thought it was chow mein not ramen

  15. Tech Sam says

    I made this. It’s actually very good.

  16. sunny B says

    Why does everyone gotta comment just to bitch? Don't like it, move on. Don't have anything useful to say for those who want to try it, move on. The very few useful comments are buried behind all the complaining and the bullshit. Pics off already 😡

  17. Ravyn Skye says

    As the wife of a Chinese man, who cooks real Chow Mein, this HURTS ME. BITCH GET EGG NOODLES. WTF is this ramen instead of egg noodles bs?

  18. JiaYu Zheng says

    Lmao wtf ramen? That's so white

  19. AxelSSB says

    Fuck you just because you used ramen noodles for this

  20. Jason says

    no Chinese cooks like this

  21. aayushi jogi says

    can we use something else as a substitute for oyster sauce? please answer…

  22. Andi Yu says

    its not eve close to the traditional recipe

  23. Javier Lopez says

    For all the college kids: this is a fancy meal u can afford

  24. 10ANG86 says

    This was a winner for our sometimes fussy family. The noodles softened up beautifully. Thanks for sharing this recipe

  25. Patrick Wu says

    Painstaking to watch cause no Chinese/Taiwanese would make a chow mein with celery and ramen. Oh well.

  26. Alcid008 says

    Excellent , except for Ramen noodles. I know theres something better.

  27. AG Kapano says

    Ramen noodles??? Lmaooo

  28. JP Ag08 says

    Start putting macros in description please

  29. chocmilkshake24 says

    Weird music choice but ok, sounds classy

  30. Kitterz says

    Can someone tell me whether this is napa cabbage or regular cabbage?

  31. Hazira Razali says

    It's maggie goreng 😊😊😊

  32. 알래스카아짐 says

    I cooked this. so good! today i will cook 1mire time. but this time I will use shrimp.

  33. Panda-s1 says

    man if you can find oyster sauce you can also probably find actual chow mein or yakisoba, wtf

  34. Chi Nova says

    I was on board until that Ramen came out… is it really that hard to get egg noddles from the asian grocery store?

  35. Jonathan Unger says

    I just made this, it came out pretty well. A few things:

    1. Marinate the chicken as long as you can. 1 hour works, 12 hours is better.
    2. I put my two noodle bricks in (I used GreeNoodles instead of ramen myself), and decided I didn't like the noodle:other ingredients ratio, so I put a third brick in and an extra splash of broth to compensate. This is a matter of personal preference, but I think three is just right.
    3. The prep work is kind of time consuming. Julienned onions are easy enough because they're conveniently in layers already, but the carrots are a bit of work for someone who has no experience with that type of prep.
    4. Used a whole onion instead of a half and that was fine. Having the leftover half onion sitting around seemed dumb.

    Lastly, it's asinine to whine about the fact that they use ramen. Chow mein isn't even a proper traditional Chinese dish to begin with, it's pretty Americanized, so let's not act like it's sacred. This is a cheap, simple way to make your lunches for the week that isn't garbage. No one is forcing you to use ramen either, you can use whatever kind of noodles/pasta and adjust accordingly/pre-boil them (though that would ruin the one-pot aspect of this), keeping in mind that it's only gonna have five minutes to cook once it's in with the veggies.

  36. rania dandis says

    I made this today with chow mein noodles and no oyster sauce and they turned out fantastic!!!!

  37. Mohammed Bassem M says

    Oooo yea I love ❤️

  38. Xiaohan Liu says

    Please stop using instant noodles! You are ruining the nice chicken breasts!

  39. Amelie Mercereau says

    Just made this and doubled the recipe. Soooooo good!

  40. CeroCompleta says

    Ramen Noodles? Chinese people are gonna be pissed!

  41. sofia salgado says

    que rico😋

  42. wai hong Lee says

    chow mein mean stir fried noddles in chinese ( more likely Cantonese )

  43. Kadian Webb says

    Thank you for all your recipes….You make me love my kitchen. Please keep them coming!

  44. gone for now says

    this actually looks disgusting, but i'd probably still eat it

  45. Amanda Brimage says

    what got me is the ramen noodles…

  46. Mes Voyages à la Cuisine says

    Love those chicken recipes!

  47. Maikol Figueredo says

    ohhhh yes

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